PTA Meeting minutes 28.02.2023

February Mount Pleasant PTA |Minutes

Meeting date | time Tuesday 28/02/2023| 8pm-840pm | Meeting location Zoom

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HH (Chair), KJ (Deputy Chair), LC (Treasurer), AW (Secretary), SC (teacher), + 3 PTA Volunteers

Agenda topics

Time allotted | 20:00-20;10 | Agenda topic Previous Meeting Actions | Presenter HH

Discussion points

1.Agree with school their wish list priority and agree funds.

  1. Easy Fundraising is an easy way for the PTA to make passive funds, request sent for link and joining details to be added to the weekly newsletter. BJ authorised this.
  2. Intro to PTA session to be set up on a Friday – new dates to be send over to Miss R follow HH meeting on 27/02
  3. Register the PTA as a charity
  4. School lottery fundraiser
  5. Need to update the school PTA website



  1. Rugby posts and netball posts were identified as priority, quotes sent and approved. Netball posts have been purchased and were due for delivery today (28/02/2023).  Rugby posts have been ordered by the school and PTA will agree transfer of funds to council – details to be provided by SG. OPEN
  2. Link and joining instructions have now been added to the bottom of the weekly newsletter and since the last PTA meeting a further £100 has been raised. This has made a huge impact. CLOSED
  3. HH to send over new dates to Miss R to encourage new volunteers. OPEN
  4. Core PTA to investigate and see what is involved OPEN
  5. AW investigated, we do not need to be a registered charity but we do need to be registered with local authority. HH aware of registration details with local authority, forward to AW and registration can be completed. OPEN
  6. No update on this yet OPEN

Time allotted | 20:10 – 20:15 | Agenda topic Finance Update | Presenter LC


Movements since last meeting:

  • Pre-loved uniform £15
  • £178.67 raised via easy fundraising. This is paid quarterly and won’t be paid until April. Awaiting additional £85.02 from easy fundraising app – paid quarterly


  • Netball posts £540.39
  • Mother’s Day Jars £476.75
  • Proposed spend of £1,657.36 not yet paid for rugby posts

Closing pre rugby posts £2,264.95

Considering agreed spend closing balance £607.59

Time allotted | 20:15-20:20 | Agenda topic Event Feedback | Presenter HH


No events in January  




Time allotted | 20:20-20:30 | Agenda topic Upcoming Events | Presenter HH


Next Event:

  • Mother’s Day Stalls - March 16th and 17th (Thursday & Friday 1-3pm)
  • £500 spent on “jars of Happiness” activity event. Each Jar will be sold for a set price of £4. This is the minimum we can sell these for in case we do not retrieve funds from all parents – aim for £250 profit. Possible sell on Rogerstone community page if we have surplus stock? Are we happy with this price?
  • Each jar contains 6 physical items (tea & coffee, chocolate, love hearts, bracelet, seed paper, keyring (child to make) and 4 tokens / activity cards) plus a jar with ribbon and labels

Other upcoming events



KD queried should we have something cheaper alongside the jars?  HH explained that each child will be given a jar regardless and the £4 is effectively a donation.  Different to usual stalls but consensus was a nice idea.  Different stations will be set up in the and manned by volunteers so help the children include their 6 items.  The idea is a longer-term idea that the jars can be reused and filled with activities as a family, so they are ongoing jars of happiness.


Checking with SC about morning Nursery sessions, 16 pupils confirmed, and we will ensure the correct number of jars and contents distributed to nursery morning session.


Jars to be advertised on Thursday 2nd March onwards to ensure the readathon is completed and no cross over in funds requested.


Cash on the day and a link for payment?  Will it get confusing for children without cash?  However, if we treat this as a suggested donation there’ll be no extra admin.


Classes have been pre allocated days and times between 1-3 over the 2 days.  We will need at least 8 volunteers per day


  • Moving on MR has given the go ahead and green light for a school disco! So alongside volunteers for the Mother’s Day stalls we will need volunteers for the disco.


HH to see of she can form a subgroup of volunteers, so we have numbers for the upcoming events.


The school have still said they would like an “on the door” fee for the disco to encourage the children’s cash handling, and then a tuck shop inside.


  • In May there will be the coronation and after discussions with Miss R, commemorative bookmarks have been discussed and PTA to absorb costs of £216 including shipping. To help fund this maybe look at a Funky Uniform Friday the cost of £1 per child.


  • Other events to be discussed again are the Father’s Day stalls where we look at something similar to the mother’s day jars but in the form of a survival Kit?


  • Music Extravaganza for the summer.


  • Year 6 leavers PTA to fund a disco/ prom?



Time allotted | 20:30-20:35 | Agenda topic Wishlist for funds | Presenter HH


Mrs. C Wish list from teachers:

  • 12 all-weather Netballs - £109
  • Mixing tuff play trays(100cm) x 4 - £200
  • Music Licence for Choir club – awaiting cost
  • Trim trail repairs – some rotten timbers – replacement costs
    • Suspension bridge – £2300
    • Swinging steps - £2480
    • Steppingstones - £180 each



Mrs C has said the Tuff trays are not essential at present as nursery and reception have been sorted.  Years 1 & 2 may need bigger tough trays down the line. 

The music licence for Choir club is not needed currently as with the after school clubs Miss M isn’t able to run choir at present, so this can be put on the back burner for now.

Trim trail repairs are probably most essential as the children enjoy playing on this so get some more quotes or repair/ replacement

Action items

Person responsible


More Quotes for repair/ replacement of the trim trail                  Core PTA                    End of March



Time allotted | 20:35-20:40 | Agenda topic Any other business | Presenter HH


Community champions at Morrisons and Tesco have been incredibly helpful in the past with raffles; the roles are changing from full-time roles to just part of someone’s role.  Morrisons champion has now let.

With this in mind it will likely take more time and more communication when needing donations so we will need to contact earlier.


Time is still good for the PTA meetings?  People happy with 8pm but would like the meetings to be moved to a Thursday in future.


Mention the meetings to our class groups and if there is anything they would like to be mentioned in the meetings to get in touch.