PTA Minutes - 25.01.2022

Mount Pleasant PTA Meeting

Date: Tuesday 25th January 2022
Meeting Type: ZOOM digital meeting

Attendees: Kirsty Duffield, Helena Hopkins, Lucy Dirston - Birt, Claire Brimble, Sandra Grant, Natalie Strange, Sian Heaton

Apologies: Travis Prewett, Mrs Chorley, Helen Kirk, Ays Harper, Liz Rogers, Sophie McIntosh, Ceri Chapman


Meeting Minutes
Finance Update:

Ø  Finance update Bal: £1562.23 (additional £30ish cash to pay in.  Donations from Santa’s Sleigh ride around MP estate – donated proceeds to the PTA – thank you Helena Hopkins and other volunteers involved) 

Ø  KD to complete lottery return form to council


The Next Event

Ø  2022 sponsor activity event – to explore after easter

Ø  Mother’s Day stalls 24th/ 25th March. KD, LDB to purchase gists from Wholesaler. Covid restrictions to be reviewed closer to time to see if stalls can be set up in the hall.

Ø  Easter Egg hunt to be organised before Easter term break = we would need 250 eggs. PTA to start requesting donations from supermarkets. Classroom disco suggested for afternoon of the hunt in classroom bubbles. However, restrictions to be reviewed closer to the date to see if this can be made into a larger disco in the hall? School to email PTA with restriction lifting updates.

Ø  Lots of “Grey” uniform donated to the school. Suggest putting on rail and £1 donation. Request if 1 PTA member can be at the rail to help flow of people rather than gathering. School to confirm covid guidance and if this can be done. With items not sold – look to donate to other schools?

Wishlist for Funds’

Ø  Planters for outside Years 3-6 classrooms; Reception and Year 1 Miss Curtis. KD exploring reused plastic options. These are slightly more expensive but last longer and are an environmentally friendly option. Explore donation from Pugh’s Garden kitchen / village

Ø  Cover for outside area Year 1-2. SG has been provided quotes £7.5k for the same type of cover as the outside the Nursery/ reception. The school has applied for a grant.  However, the cover outside Mrs Curtis class is being reviewed by the Council and will need to be taken down but no funding provided for replacement. This is quoted at £2.8k.

Any other business (AOB)

Ø  Forest school – Query raised by Reception Parent that other schools in the area e.g Pentrepoeth have a designated Forest Day each month for classes up to Year3. Here they spend the entire day outside, dressed accordingly, supplies in rucksacks etc. Is this something Mount Pleasant would consider as part of the curriculum? HH to raise query with Mrs Smith.

Ø  Suggestion to fund a Book Shelter / library for outside as a book swap. Or possibly a book vending machine with tokens? PTA to do more research on this idea.