PTA Meeting minutes 26.01.2023

February Mount Pleasant PTA |Minutes

Meeting date | time Thursday 26/01/2023| 8pm-840pm | Meeting location Zoom

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HH (Chair), KJ (Deputy Chair), LC (Treasurer), AW (Secretary), SC (teacher), BJ (teacher) + 3 PTA Volunteers

Agenda topics

Time allotted | 20:00-20;10 | Agenda topic Previous Meeting Actions | Presenter HH

Discussion points

1.Agree with school their wish list priority and agree funds.


  1. PTA organized and funded this event.
  2. Rugby post and netball posts communicated as priority – awaiting feedback from quotes and spec HH has provided to school before purchase agreed. BJ has agreed happy with specs of the rugby posts and will get written confirmation tomorrow (27/01/2023). Still Open awaiting confirmation
  3. Details send to Reception and complete.

Time allotted | 20:05 – 20:10 | Agenda topic Finance Update | Presenter LC


Current bank total: £3267.09


Movements since September:

  • Christmas Raffle £1356.79
  • Pumpkin trail £262.65
  • Pre-loved uniform £72



  • Raised beds £80
  • Louby Lou’s Christmas school visit £400
  • Parent Kind PTA membership £145


Awaiting additional £85.02 from easy fundraising app – paid quarterly.


HH discussed Parent Kind as insurance for the PTA.

Easy fundraising is an easy way to make money for the PTA. Ask for a link to be put on the weekly newsletter to make more parents aware; BJ approved this.


Time allotted | 20:10-20:15 | Agenda topic Event Feedback | Presenter HH


Good feedback from the raffle with the sheer volume and quality of prizes.

Positive feedback about Louby Lou’s visit at Christmas from parents saying how much the children enjoyed it.

One prize not collected from raffle (photography session), unable to identify the winner as name illegible and no details left.

Action items

Person responsible


HH to liaise with Miss R to see if anything can be done with the unclaimed prize from the raffle.


HH/ Miss R

Before expiry of voucher

Time allotted | 20:15-20:25 | Agenda topic General Update | Presenter HH


A proposed list of PTA events was sent to the school at the beginning of January (not limited to):


  • Mother’s Day Stalls - March 16th and 17th (Thursday & Friday school hours)  
  • Spring Disco - April 27th (Thursday outside of school hours) –
  • May Coronation - PTA to collaborate with school? BH 8th May - can we discuss – potential coronation memorabilia to purchase and sell? Afternoon tea etc. 
  • Father’s Day stalls - June 15th and 16th (Thursday and Friday school hours)
  • Extravaganza - July - PTA organize food and beverages - possibility to hold a stall? 
  • Year 6 leavers - agree PTA funding support for bowling – Possible Prom?

Next Term:

  • October – neon spooky disco - date TBC - week prior to half term (outside of school hours)
  • December - PTA fund Louby Lou’s?
  • Breakfast and crafts with Santa and the raffle? 


Other proposed events – movie night or Quiz night?


Mother’s Day stalls and Father’s Day stalls. Baseline funds will be needed to purchase items for the stall.


Big whoop of excitement from all when discos discussed.  HH has a meeting with Head Teacher tomorrow to refine details.  Former chair KD advised booking the disco as soon as possible.


Collaboration with the school on something for the coronation? BJ has mentioned the school is looking to do something like the Queen’s Jubilee with memorabilia and a coin.


Music Extravaganza for the summer.  The pizza stall was good but VERY slow last year due to the demand.  KD recommended an additional hot food option this year.


Year 6 leavers PTA to fund a disco/ prom?


Xmas being a fair way off we will play by ear for now.


A movie / quiz night was proposed to take place at school but there may be licenses we need to be aware of.  LC (treasurer) mentioned asking the local pubs if they would host a quiz night for the school.   Could PTA volunteers help to organize events?



Thoughts on “in person” PTA meetings. School feedback of morning (post drop off) or pre pick up. This will not be possible for the core PTA committee as we all work full time. Not much feedback from Facebook post – but from those who responded it was mainly positive for zoom with quarterly in person meetings post 5pm. Currently set for 8pm and there were no comments when asked if times should be moved so we will maintain 8pm going forward.


  • HH (chair) can facilitate 2.30 intro to PTA meeting on a Friday (proposed 10th Feb) – but will have to work the time back. In this meeting HH will discuss that we need as much notice as possible for events run by the school, so we are not asking for money all the time and there are no clashes in event dates.  M (volunteer) supports that we need more communication from the school.  Welly wang was not communicated last year, and it was communicated in the November minutes that the school communicate a list of proposed events.  LC (treasurer) has mentioned again the easy fundraising app as there is no cost to parents but helps with fundraising. 
  • Valentines’ day Welsh cakes event has been advertised with no communication with the PTA – again we could have supported this. BJ (deputy head) apologized for this as it was a last-minute plan from Criw Cymraeg.  

Action items

Person responsible


In person with Miss R to discuss as much forewarning on school events planned and, in the pipeline, so there is not too much demand on parents

Request for the easy fundraising to put in the weekly newsletter

HH (chair)

February 10th

Time allotted | 20:25-20:35 | Agenda topic Wishlist for funds | Presenter HH


Miss R has asked the PTA to priories spend on the rugby posts and portable Netball posts.

  • PTA have agreed the supply only of fixed Rugby posts now – updated quote attained for £1395 – school to organise and pay for installation if happy with specs
  • Netball posts – 2x alloy portable posts - £540 (on sale) – incl. VAT (2nd quote attained as initial supplier costs went up 33%)- specs sent to school for sign off

BJ (deputy head) has confirmed an answer tomorrow for the rugby posts

Awaiting confirmation from Mrs. G on the netball posts.

Mrs. C Wish list from teachers:

  • 12 all-weather Netballs - £109
  • Mixing tuff play trays(100cm) x 4 - £200
  • Music Licence for Choir club – awaiting cost
  • Trim trail repairs – some rotten timbers – replacement costs
    • Suspension bridge – £2300
    • Swinging steps - £2480
    • Steppingstones - £180 each


There is a current buffer of about £1500 to purchase items for Mother’s Day stalls etc.

Action items

Person responsible


Confirmation on rugby post quotation



Confirmation on netball post quotation

Mrs G

Within 2 weeks


Time allotted | 20:35-20:40 | Agenda topic Any other business | Presenter HH


Wishlist for next meeting please let HH know of anything wishing to be included in the next meeting.

LC (treasurer) has mentioned that we make sure we publicize what we are fundraising for.

There should be an update each term of what we’ve raised and what we have delivered for that money on Dojo and on the Facebook page.


Committee members wish to register the PTA as a charity- Discussions previously had with the headteacher and the charity registration has been agreed. Lots of other schools’ PTAs are charity registered and this provides the PTA and school with a lot of benefits. There is a £5000 threshold which we don’t meet but we can register under Parent Kind.  LC the treasurer is looking into this.


Suggestions made for a school lottery fundraiser.  Do we need to be registered as a charity?  AW (secretary) to look into this.


Can we have a regular slot in the newsletter to advertise the easy fundraiser app- this has been authorized by Mrs. G.


Need to update the PTA page on the Website – include links to FB and easy fundraiser


Discussion was had regarding other events such as coffee and tea stands during the colder months and Krispy Kreme sales. Positive feedback given and to be investigated further.

There is an open forum for any other events- contact us via messenger or in person with any ideas.

Wellbeing sessions briefly mentioned.

Intro to the PTA meeting set for the week of the 12th of February

27/28th February PTA to meet to discuss the Mother’s Day stalls


Community champions at Morrisons and Tesco have been incredibly helpful in the past with raffles; the roles are changing from full-time roles to just part of someone’s role.


Due to the hackers in tonight’s meeting the joining details will only be in the newsletter. The normal text message reminder with details was not sent tonight.