PTA Meeting Minutes 27.09.2022

Mount Pleasant Primary School AGM 27/09/2022 8pm


Zoom Meeting ID: 767 8969 0934

Passcode: 6UBqyy


Attendees: Helena Hopkins, Kirsty Duffield, Lucy Durston Birt, Mrs Chorley, Jen Reilly, Leanne Chesterman, Kayleigh Jones, Cassandra Lane, Mrs Grant, +3 additional Parents


Apologies for absence: N/A

N.B. Total number of members present at meeting must be at least twice the number of committee members in office


1.       Minutes of previous AGM

1.1.    Minutes from September 2021 are available on school website for review.  No matters arising from minutes


1.2.    PTA to continue with Parentkind for our constitution


2.       Chair’s Report 2021/22 (KD)

2.1   An introduction to the PTA: PTA is a volunteer group of parents/ carers and teachers who come together to make their school a better environment to learn.  They raise extra funds through a wide range of fun and creative events, improving the life of a school community


2.2   Last year in review 2021/22: Christmas Raffle; visit from Louby Lou’s storytelling; Mother’s Day stalls; Easter Hunt; Father’s Day stalls; Year 6 leavers, Pizza Van and Ice cream at Extravaganza.


2.3   As a result of Covid events were still low key this year, but we’ve still made a success of it.  It’d be lovely to have a disco or Christmas fayre to really bring people together again this year (Covid rules permitting).  Funds spending: supported our year 6 children by wholly funding their leavers event – bus, bowling trip and food.  Purchased raised beds for Foundation Phase.  £2k to spend – ideas for extracurricular spending for our kids? Trim trail needs attention


2.4   Big thank you to the committee and all those parents that have supported through: buying stock, counting cash, setting up events and volunteering at events, donating, sharing social media posts, attending meetings, it is appreciated and all counts! Thank you also to school staff that have been open to new ideas, positive and volunteered their time in taking part and publicising events, attending meetings and providing valuable input.  It makes our school a better place


3         Treasurer’s Report year ending 31/08/2021 including independent examination of accounts

3.1   Balance of the account 31st August 2021 is £2,200.65 (since then Preloved uniform payments £30 and payment for raised beds £80).  The PTA will start this academic year with a balance of £2,150.65


3.2   The accounts have been independently audited for the year ending 31/08/2021 by Sandra Grant (Sandra did not do payments and banking this year so happy to audit)

4         Election of the committee members:


Chair: Helena Hopkins

Deputy Chair: Kayleigh Jones

Secretary: Cassandra Lane

Treasurer: Chesterman

Committee Members: All Parents and Friends welcome on Zoom calls, in addition to the Facebook messenger group of willing volunteers


5         AOB:

5.1   Fundraising this year 2022/23: Helena to meet with Mrs Rutledge to see what events will be permitted on school premises this Winter e.g., school disco. 10 pumpkins have been donated by Morrisons Rogerstone. Discussed each class painting them and a trial around the school for Halloween event

5.2   Wishlist for funds: Mrs Chorley to discuss requests from teachers and send to Helena prior to the next meeting for review. Currently investigating the costs of new fixed netball posts and repairs to the trim trail

5.3   Handover to new committee: Handover meeting agreed for week commencing 03/10/2022

5.4   Christmas shopping coach trip: Phil Anslow coaches £650 53- or 57-seater 10/12 (£13/each based on 50 bookings). High cross school have already organised this and are charging £15 per ticket