PTA Minutes 03.02.2021

PTA meeting Minutes

Wednesday 03/02/2020 19:00 meeting via Zoom

Apologies: Rachel Rusgys, Sian Heaton, Tavis Prewett, Vic Lock

Attendees:  Lucy Durston-Birt, Ceri Chapman, Helen Hayward, Paul Smith, Kirsty Duffield, Sarah Chorley, Sophie Mcintosh

·         Correspondence received: For discussion: Sustrans charity “Active Journeys” programme.  Application form 2021-22 programme downloaded.  Needs Active travel “Champion” from school.  Currently Monnow Primary, St David’ RC Primary, St Patricks Primary and Ringland Primary take part, could be good to get their feedback. KD to send SC details on this for discussion at school meeting.


·         Finance update: Balance £4412.56 (£500 to be donated to charity) Annual Parentkind renewal was paid Jan £116.  Areas for spending: playground improvements, bike/ scooter shelter, SC to audit Foundation phase outside area and put forward any requests.


Class winner of North Pole sponsorship competition: Miss Curtis’ Reception class raised £356.50!  Small chocolate bears were donated by Tesco as a prize, may supplement with small craft gift too.

Alex Lock did a fantastic job as Santa supported by Miss Witchard for virtual class calls on the last day of school before Christmas.  Certificates, medals, and chocolate was distributed to classes to close the North Pole event.


·         SurveyMonkey poll carried out to vote for which charity £500 North Pole Sponsorship should be donated to.  Result: 2 charities received more than 1 vote each: Dinky Dragons (AB NICU Parent Support Group) and 21 Plus (Support group for parents of children with Downs Syndrome) £250 each agreed.  KD to message parents with links to the charities to arrange donation.


·         Next Events:     

1.       Mother’s Day 14/03/2021 Event ideas?  Acrylic hearts (CC costed, around £2.66 each plus cost of design).  Or, Mother’s day stalls in “Classes” with a selection of gifts for children to buy.  To be confirmed.


2.       Possible creation of a plastic Bottle top picture, incorporating elements of MP logo.  Collect different colour plastic bottle tops, possibly as a competition.  Design done (designed by the children) bottle tops stuck onto sections of marine plywood the picture with pva glue.  Once whole picture is complete, adult to drill each bottle top in place.  To be discussed further.


3.  Rejuvenate murals painted on school walls, eg. Outside nursery, is there one other side of school too? (Children do it, PTA provide resources) Feedback: not viable.

·         AOB: School access to get quotes for playground improvements.  Great to see that the willow at front of school has been cut back.  Container sort out needed.  Advertise preloved uniform again once school reopening plan confirmed.