PTA Minutes 26.09.2019

PTA AGM 26/09/2019
Apologies: Kristie Hanton
Present: Sian Heaton, Kirsty Duffield, Lucy Durston-Birt, Sandra Grant, Helen Newton, Rebecca
Thomas, Sorrell Roberts, Sam Brewer, Aysima Harper, Ceri Chapman, Ilse Swart, Tabbatha Barwick,
Rachael Rusgys, Paul Smith.

Minutes of 2018 AGM accepted (all minutes available on school website).
No matters arising from last AGM.
Chair’s report:
ï‚· PTA to continue as Parentkind member with constitution – for transparency and
governance. Membership renewal due Jan 2020. Lottery registration: renewal due March
ï‚· PTA funds spent will be decided by committee members after consultation with school over
ï‚· Great year with lots of events, loads of volunteers, pre-loved uniform sales re-established.
Funded the Smart TV and more.
ï‚· Big thanks to Kirsty, Lucy and Sandra.
Treasurer’s Report: The closing balance on the August statement was £3393.39. The PTA have
reimbursed the school budget the sum of £2313.00, this was to pay for the Smart Board in year 1.
PTA fundraising breakdown.
   Event  Profit
Disco (x3) £1486
Christmas Fayre £419
Penny wars £250
Mothers’day stalls £310
Easter egg hunt £167
Fathers’day stalls £276
Extravaganza (Raffle,Barrio and Lewigi, snacks) £606
£1080.39 balance in account, £500 balance to stay £580.39 to funds spend.
Independent examiner appointed for Finances: Tabatha Barthwick. All ok and signed off.
Election of committee members:
Chair: Kirsty Duffield
Deputy Chair: Lucy Durston-Birt
Secretary: Aysima Harper
Treasurer: Sandra Grant

Additional funds ideas: School e mailed for “wishlist” 23/9, committee asked for ideas (scooter/ bike
rack, piano put forward). Post to go on to Facebook too. Vote to go to first Committee meeting.
Pre-loved uniform and Halloween costumes to be put on rail for sale in staffroom during parent
consultations. Honesty box with suggested donation £3 per item. Lucy to create poster.
Next meeting: 17/10/19 15:30 Staff room.
Disco: provisional date: 24/10/19 (possibility of changing to 23/10/19 due to booking availability).