PTA Minutes 02.04.2019


Mount Pleasant Primary School PTA Meeting

2ndApril 2019 at 6pm in Staffroom

In attendance: Sandra Grant (SG), Sian Heaton (SH), Kirsty Duffield (KD), Lucy Durston-Birt (LDB)

  1. Apologies: Kristie Hanton (KH)


  1. March minutes uploaded to school website.


  1. Plastic eggs purchased for hunt on 12/04/19. Total cost £64.05.  SG to send texts requesting £1 PTA donation for event.   LDB has designed posters plus clues for KS2 hunt.  To send to SG to print and laminate.     


  1. Lottery licence has been purchased, SH has licence confirmation e mail.    School lottery discussed again as idea to run in Summer term (twice) - £5 per number, 50 numbers, £100 prize and £150 to PTA.  Caveat that prize pot/ PTA fund may be less if all tickets not sold (details to be confirmed).  TBC next meeting.  Summer Raffle (at Extravaganza): KD to send SG wording for letter to e mail to big companies for prize donations.  Once big prizes confirmed, raffle books can be purchased with prizes listed.  To be sent home 2 weeks prior to Extravaganza. Local companies to be approached for small prize donations too.


  1. Copy to be made of constitution for school PTA folder and to be uploaded to PTA section of school website SH.


  1. Thankyou letters (collage?) to be done by classes. These will be sent to companies that have supported us throughout the school year. To be done by end of Summer term SG to co-ordinate.


  1. Correspondence received:
  • SH e-mailed Rogerstone primary to say thanks but we’re putting Circus idea on hold for now.
  • Newport City council battery recycling competition: Battery container has now been delivered to school, will be communicated to parents after Easter in school newsletter and on FB page.
  • Chepstow racecourse family fun day: offered reduced price tickets (£20 instead of £25 for 2 adults, children free) Looked at possibility of coach trip (£330 for coach).Not enough time to organise this time but something similar possible in the future.


  1. Finance update: Current account balance: £2126.33 (Yay!).  Recent events - Mothers’ day stalls: profit £309.90.  £34 uniform sales.


  1. Fundraising co-ordinator update, no update.


  1. Class representative update, no update



  1. Future events planning:
    1. Summer disco: 04/07/2019: characters and co. to be contacted for booking (SH) Leftover stock from previous discos to be used plus donations.
    2. Year 6 leavers bowling trip paid for by PTA (around £300ish from PTA for this).
    3. Extravaganza: 11/07/2019 (5-7pm approx) PTA: Some prize stock from Christmas fayre to be displayed for sale. Drinks and sweets to be sold (excess stock from discos to be checked first).  Pizza van to be at event.  KD to make enquiries.


  1. AOB:


  1. Date of next meeting 10/05/2019 14:30