PTA Minutes 14.11.2019

Mount Pleasant Primary School PTA meeting minutes

Thursday 14th November 3:30 pm


Present: Kirsty Duffield (Chair), Lucy Durston-Birt (co-chair), Aysima Harper (secretary) Fiona Rutledge, Rachael Rusgys, Tabbatha Barwick, Rachel Zerk-Power, Becky Thomas, Sorrell Roberts

Apologies: Sandra Grant, Kristie Hanton, Julie Harries 


No action from the previous meeting


Issues discussed relating the Christmas Fayre: 

Lucy, Tabbatha and support from the TA’s to sort out Santa’s grotto the morning of the Christmas Fayre.

PTA to post on FB for volunteers and assign volunteers for their stand for Christmas fayre 

The school will be asking for a donation of cakes and mince pies for fayre sale

Finance update from Ms Rutledge (behalf of Mrs Grant) - account balance: £1608.76.  Profit on School Disco £406.37 

Raffle prizes confirmed by Julie 

Involving kids picking the best cups from each other’s class to make it fun = prizes TBC (possibly selection box)

School to put a request out for helpers for the fayre from the pupil (year 6)

Personalised tea towels:  PTA don’t have time to sort it so we will be planning this for Easter


Match funding – Mrs Grant to find out details about this with Lloyds Bank


Where to spend PTA funds – to be discussed and consulted with parents possibly next PTA meeting


Message from Sandra about DBS: Santa is never alone DBS is not required (this is further confirmed by Mrs Rutledge) 


Suggestion from PTA to MP Choir to do Christmas Carolling for the fayre – Miss Rutledge to speak with Miss Medhurst 


PTA Confirmed there will be around 14/15 games/activities for children in the fayre




First New Year to-do list is to sort out the container