PTA Meeting minutes 25.04.2023

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Meeting date | time Tuesday 25/04/2023| 8pm-840pm | Meeting location Zoom

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HH (Chair), KJ (Deputy Chair), LC (Treasurer), SC (teacher), + PTA volunteers LD, KD, IM

Technical issues with zoom led to low attendance.



Agenda topics

Time allotted | 20:00-20;10 | Agenda topic Previous Meeting Actions | Presenter LC

Discussion points

  1. Agree with school their wish list priority and agree funds.
  2. Intro to PTA session to be set up on a Friday – new dates to be send over to Miss Rutledge follow HH meeting on 27/02
  3. Register the PTA as a charity
  4. School lottery fundraiser
  5. Need to update the school PTA website


Time allotted | 20:10 – 20:15 | Agenda topic Finance Update | Presenter LC


Movements since last meeting:

  • £1657.36 payment to the school for the netball and rugby posts
  • £20 Lottery license renewal fee
  • £189.12 raised via easy fundraising – paid quarterly.


Total net profit:

  • £344.25- Mother’s Day stalls

Considering agreed spend closing balance £1,408.59

Square account previously used has now been closed, explored different options to reopen which doesn’t seem to be possible without a new email and address such as school address or chairs personal home address. Other options available via the parent kind group are available  but do charge % fee per transaction. Cheapest option explored does allow a 30-day free trail so will wait until closer to an event to maximise any benefits.

Time allotted | 20:15-20:20 | Agenda topic Event Feedback | Presenter LC


Lots of Positive feedback received for the Mother’s Day stall, parents enjoyed the gifts – direct messages to PTA individuals and to the school expressing happiness with their items.

A big thank you to the volunteers and school staff which helped support the event and made it a success.

Feedback to work on:

  • 1 negative message sent directly to the chair’s personal account regarding volunteers needing to listen to the children more and not make them put items in the jar which weren’t wanted. Response sent to parent to explain that we have different volunteers on each day and children were advised they could take items out they didn’t want or give to somebody else. They also voiced disappointment of not having the traditional stall and this was emulated by other parents-however nothing additional has been voiced by parents.
  • 8 tables requested prior to event; 4 extra-large tables provided on the first day. The beading station caused a bottle neck. Feedback received from volunteers on the first day said the event was good, but a separate area was needed for the bead station. Extra tables placed for day 2 beading station and helped the event run more smoothly.
  • PTA to consider some children may have multiple parents who take on “mum or dad” role, or do not have a parent role-not specific feedback but discussed by the core group that we should also have gifts without “mum or dad” labels as an option for children.




Time allotted | 20:20-20:30 | Agenda topic Upcoming Events | Presenter KJ


Next Event:

  • School Disco- booked for the 25th of May.
  • Due to ongoing strike notice conditions, activities cannot not go ahead past 5pm.  KS1 disco to run from 3pm to 3.50pm and must be accompanied by a parent and KS2 disco to run from 4-5pm. 
  • To let the PTA know if strike action changes as we can move this to a later time. Cash on door.
  • Proposal of £2 per ticket with unlimited squash and water. A cash tuck shop to  have chocolate, crisps, sweets etc.  Possible them of ‘step into summer bash’ with a summer theme- may sell some small £1 gift items at shop- glow sticks, glasses etc.
  • Need to advertise no later than 10th may (2 weeks before event)


Other upcoming events:

  • Father’s Day stalls- June 15th and 16th (Thursday and Friday school hours)
  • Suggested this year to have a Father’s Day treat bag, like a stall- but again a donation of £4 where there will be a selection to choose from at different stations. Enabling the PTA to purchase what we need: 1 high value item, 1 low value item, edible item and some coupon type vouchers.
  • HH has agreed a discount voucher from Tin Can kitchen for all of the treat bags. we also have the idea of purchasing chocolate that the children can decorate the wrappers-this can be done in the class and stuck on with sticker in the hall.
  • PTA to purchase a selection of items to go into the bags.


  • May coronation- BH 8th May- unable to purchase bookmarks in time as we had to wait to build profits-also need a float for the disco. However, if the PTA can support, please let us know.
  • Suggestion of holding a ‘funky uniform Friday’-pick from a list of funky changes to your uniform for £1 (nicer phrasing than ‘break the rules day’ or standard dress down day). Can this concept be agreed by the school, and I can put forward a date? Suggest summer now.
  • Extravaganza- July- PTA organise food and beverages- possibility to hold a stall. Small raffle on the day? Krispy crème sales with tea and coffee (pre orders)
  • Year 6 Leavers- Agree PTA funding support for bowling- possible prom?




All attendees were excited about the idea of a disco for the school. Discussions were had regarding the times, SC explained that they are under working conditions which means activities can not take place after 5pm.  Most schools in the catchment area are doing discos between the hours of 3-5pm and it seems to work well. LC queried about the after the school club being moved to a classroom for those not attending the disco and SC agreed to take this to the staff meeting to ensure a plan is in place.  Discussion was had by all attendees regarding pricing of tickets and how to sell the tickets for example cash on the day, purchasing these from reception. SC suggested a google form to gage interest as this works well for the school when requesting feedback from parents.


SC queried the variety of items that will be available for the Father’s Day treat bags. Feedback was raised regarding multiple siblings in the school receiving the same items.  Discussion was had with hopes to include a variety of items in the bags, along with generic items with no mum or dad labels to provide more items for children with multiple parents or no parental role. 


Feedback was received regarding the long queues and wait times last year for the food at the Extravaganza last year. SC queried whether having multiple stalls, raffles etc would take away from the performances from the children. LC suggested seeing if we could get a local café involved to make up picnic backs which we can pre order to help with queues etc.  Discussion to be had with the head to see what they would like for this year.


SC suggested putting a google form to the Year 6’s to see what they would like to do for their leavers event. They usually have food and go bowling. Further discussions to be had with the Year 6 team to see what funding support they require.



Next Term:

  • Other events to be discussed again are:
  • October-neon spooky discos- Date TBC- week prior to half term (outside of school hours)
  • December- PTA fund Louby Lous? Breakfast and crafts with Santa and Raffle.



Time allotted | 20:30-20:35 | Agenda topic Wishlist for funds | Presenter HH/ KJ


SC Wish list from teachers:

  • 12 all-weather Netballs - £109
  • Trim trail repairs – some rotten timbers – replacement costs
    • Suspension bridge – £2300
    • Swinging steps - £2480
    • Steppingstones - £180 each



SC had spoken to SG who have agreed the next fundraising should be used for the trim trail equipment.

KD expressed how unsafe the equipment is for the children and suggested if the funds aren’t there for a full replacement now to just remove this. Discussion was had to get some more quotes for removal/replacement.


Action items

Person responsible


To agree times, safety netting and selling of tickets                 Chair                          CLOSED

for disco.

 To purchase items for disco and Father’s Day events              Core PTA              Early May/June

 More Quotes for repair/ replacement of the trim trail            Core PTA                   OPEN

 School Lottery Fundraiser                                                            Core PTA                   OPEN

Year 6 Google form for leavers event                                          Core PTA                   OPEN

To Agree funky uniform Friday date with school and date       Core PTA                   OPEN




Time allotted | 20:35-20:40 | Agenda topic Any other business | Presenter KJ


LD suggested that the local Tesco extra is good for donating items such as doughnuts/crisps etc, which could be useful for the disco.

Discussion had regarding the PTA meetings to not take place on Tuesdays- Agreed this will be moved to a Thursday in future with the same time at 8pm

Mention the meetings to our class groups and if there is anything they would like to be mentioned in the meetings to get in touch.

Advertising of PTA volunteer group to encourage more volunteers for future events.