PTA Minutes - 15.11.2021

Mount Pleasant PTA Meeting – November 2021
Date: Monday 15th November 2021
Meeting Type: ZOOM digital meeting
Meeting ID: 766 8642 6272
Passcode: y6Fb8q

Attendees: Kirsty Duffield, Helena Hopkins, Lucy, Rachael Rusgys, Sandra Grant, Mrs Chorley, Helen Hayward

Apologies: Tavis Prewett


Meeting Minutes
Correspondence received

·       Raffle donation emails and letters sent out from PTA members. Mrs Grant has also received a “Family Photo Session” donation for the school to add to the Christmas raffle.

·       Louby Lou’s confirmation for outside classroom sketches for 6th December. Donation of £2 per child will be requested. Mrs Chorley will record this for the afternoon Nursery session.

·       Asda Duffryn re: green tokens - Communication has gone quiet. Kirsty has contacted the community champion but no response. This should have gone live in November for the winter quarter and cannot be found online. Kirsty will continue to chase.

·       Lego bricks – concept is to pre-order personalised Lego bricks for parents and the school received £1 per sale. The school has been registered school however no response. Kirsty will chase.


Finance Update:

Money in: £87 for Halloween costume sales

Balance: £581.61 (after cheque for smart TVs deducted)


The Next Event: Christmas Events

·       Pre-loved Christmas Jumpers – A donation box has been left at the school for the duration of the week. The jumpers will be sold at £1 from next week. Mrs Rutledge has requested the sale be digital – TBC method of sale dependant on number of jumpers.

·       Louby lous confirmation - £2 per child.

·       Christmas Raffle - donations must be received by 1st December. Ticket sales to be advertised the following day. Paper tickets will be made to send home with children.

·       Willows Christmas decoration event £12.50 Tuesday 30th November at the Tredegar Arms (TA). To be included in the school newsletter to increase take up and Rogerstone community page. Kirsty to confirm minimum number required to host the event.


Kirsty to send email to Mrs Grant listing all the Christmas events / promotions onto next newsletter.


Wishlist for Funds’ spending

·       Additional Canopy around the back of the school (facilitate play outdoors in rain weather for older year groups). Planning permission would be required. Canopy options to be explored and costed.

·       Raised beds by the walkway for yrs. 4 – 6. Possibly locate underneath the windows at the classrooms rather than near walkways / railings (which present a possible trip / restricted access / climbing hazard).


Any Other Business (AOB)

·       Next year fund raising idea “2022 challenge”. Each child is given a challenge to raise £22.22 e.g., bake sale, car wash, chores etc. Helena to get other ideas from schools that did this for 2021 and how long the challenge should last.


Next meeting agreed for mid Jan 2022. No meeting in December 2021.