Welcome to Mount Pleasant Primary School

As Headteacher of Mount Pleasant Primary School I'm delighted to welcome you to the School Website. I hope you find the website useful and it gives you an insight to the vision we have for our school and pupils. Our aim is the raising of standards of achievement within a positive, supportive learning community that values each and every individual. The 'Mount Pleasant 10' highlights what is important to our school family.

Mount Pleasant

  • is a nurturing  happy school
  • celebrates individuals
  • has ICT integral to all teaching and learning
  • ensures everyone knows how to access support and help
  • is a purposeful ordered and safe environment
  • enjoys whole school teamwork
  • pupils have ownership of their learning environment
  • community is meaningfully engaged in learning
  • delivers a curriculum that encourages flexible learning groupings
  • values pupils work through relevant attractive displays

Our Mission statement 'Motivate. Nurture. Succeed' underpins every aspect of school life. I look forward to working with you and your family, building a successful future for Mount Pleasant Primary School.


Yours sincerely


Miss Fiona Rutledge