PTA Minutes 16.01.2020

PTA meeting Minutes

Thurs 16/01/2020 3.15pm Staffroom


Apologies: Kristie Hanton, Lucy Durston-Birt, Sophie Macintosh, Hannah Elizabeth, Sandra Grant

Attendees:  Kirsty Duffield, Ays Harper, Tavis Prewett, Sarah Chorley, Tabbatha Barwick, Rachel Rusgys

·         Correspondence received: Usborne Books scheme.  Discussed and decided not to go ahead as books can be bought more cheaply elsewhere.  SC suggested possibility of a bookswap – to be discussed further at next meeting.

Parentkind membership – renewal due 18/01/2020 £115 chq raised.


·         Finance update (TP):  Current balance £2836.87


·         Christmas Fayre review: Positive feedback from volunteers and attendees.  Grotto more selection boxes needed (increase by 10-20 next year); more prizes needed on spinning wheel – popcorn prize was popular; children enjoyed the mix of games; balloons did not sell well – replace next year.  Little stock left over – successful event. 


·         Next Events:


Penny Wars: postponed as coordinated by SG – not present at meeting.

Disco: Thursday 13/02/2020 Al’s disco provisionally booked £80; however, parent consultations are taking place.  Rescheduled for Thurs 2/4/2020 – KD to change disco booking.


Mother’s Day stalls: 19th/ 20th March – smaller version of this to take place this year – £200 max spend on gifts to sell at between 50p and £2.  AH to buy for this.  Purchases to be made after Valentine’s Day.

Mother’s Day tea towels discussed – KD shared examples and profit margins.  KD to do further research and e mail TP with results.  Poll to be carried out on Facebook to gauge interest.  If positive, portrait packs to be distributed to teachers w/c 27/01/2020 for return by 07/02/2020.  Tea towels to be sold in time for Mother’s Day.

·         How to spend funds: Ideas so far – Bike/ scooter store (KD to ask Ceri Chapman to research this).  Piano.  Playground equipment. – new lines on yard (“Hundred Square”, Komplan). Replace netball posts/ hoops. Wishlist from teachers (KED to send e mail after Easter) Red sheets for grotto requested for next year’s fayre.  Purchase a popcorn machine for events (popcorn popular at the Christmas fayre).  Planting within the raised bed at entrance to school discussed – KD to e mail Miss Mortimer to see if it is something that Eco Club want to take on (eg. Wildflowers to encourage bees).  PTA could provide seeds/ bulbs, also ask SG if compost could be provided by grounds maintenance at council.


·         AOB: Container sort out: no date agreed, for next meeting.  Next meeting date TBC.  TP to check on situation with repairing existing play equipment in yard with SG.