PTA Minutes 07.03.2019


Mount Pleasant Primary School PTA Meeting

7th March 2019 at 6pm in Staffroom

In attendance: Sandra Grant (SG), Sian Heaton (SH), Kirsty Duffield (KD), Lucy Durston-Birt (LDB)

  1. Apologies: Kristie Hanton (KH), Liz Rogers, Rachel Rusgys.


  1. minutes uploaded to school website.


  1. Actions from last meeting:                                                                                                                                          Egg hunt 12/04: 5 x packs Cadbury cream eggs donated (packs of 12). 19 x £3.95 to buy.  £75.05 - £11 tesco voucher to use (so £64.05 cost).  SG to send message 10/04 to parents, £1 per child for PTA fundraising Easter Egg hunt.  1 class at a time to hunt for eggs, chocolate to be handed out at end of the day.  LDB may have clues to use, will co-ordinate with SG.  LDB to create poster, SH and LDB may have plastic eggs to use.  Additional can be purchased locally (around 35 eggs needed in total).  SG to check if any update from Sarah Egan on help with egg hunt.


  1. Lottery licence has been purchased, SH is awaiting licence confirmation e mail.  Raffle books discussed, agreed to be sold prior to Extravaganza, big prizes to be listed on tickets.  All PTA members to start sourcing raffle prize donations.  School lottery discussed again as idea to run in Summer term (twice) - £5 per number, 50 numbers, £100 prize and £150 to PTA.  Caveat that prize pot/ PTA fund may be less if all tickets not sold (details to be confirmed).


  1. Copy to be made of constitution for school PTA folder and to be uploaded to PTA section of school website.



  1. Correspondence received: Reply from Rogerstone Primary re: Circus.  They are open to collaboration but had some discussion points – parking for event, split of tickets and profits.  Also, the fields at Rogerstone primary are council property (not school).  SH going to find out about viability of using Welfare Grounds instead, or Beacons Field (field next to MP school which is council owned.  There is dropped curb access to field from Beacons Close) The numbers are also to be checked to see if it is a profit worthy event.                                                                                                         Newport city council run competition for schools to encourage battery recycling. The aim is the be the school who collects the most batteries in weight. Prize pot of £500 between the winners, top prize in previous round was £175 amazon voucher to the school.  Waiting for battery container to be delivered to school. 


  1. Clothes recycling scheme discussed where parents fill bags and return on an agreed date or a large box placed within the school for donations. £500 paid per ton of clothes collected.  Agreed that the idea is good, however there is a shortage of storage space at school so not viable at the moment.                                       


  1. Finance update: Account balance: £1782.43 with £509.10 chq o/s to KH for Mother’s Day stall stock. Disco £562.84 takings, £60 cash paid to DJ on the night.  £53.77 spent on stock, profit £449.07. 


  1. Fundraising co-ordinator update, no update.


  1. Class representative update, no update


  1. Spring Disco feedback: DJ was over half an hour late, we’ll look for alternatives next time. Consequently, price paid reduced from £90 to £60.  Query answered on class lists for entry, they are alphabetical but by gender – noted for next time.  200 hotdogs, some crisps and sweets left over, these can be used at future events.



  1. Next event status:
    1. Mount Pleasant branded pre-loved uniform sales will be held on 11th and 12th March (days of parents’ evenings). A rail to be put in staffroom with an honesty bowl for payment.  To be publicised on FB and school message to be sent.  KD/ SH to drop clothes/ hangers and rail off on Friday 07/03.
    2. Mother’s Day stalls 28/3, 29/3. Update from Kristie Hanton: £509 spent so far, a few 50p items and Mother’s Day cards outstanding to purchase.  Sale price range on stalls £1-£5.  5-6 helpers needed for 28/3 (1-3pm?), 3 helpers needed for 29/3.  Volunteers request to be sent out nearer the time.
    3. Possible Chepstow Racecourse Family day discussed, to be investigated.


  1. Future events planning:
    1. Ideas for summer term: Year 6 leavers bowling trip paid for by PTA.   Lottery.
    2. Manic Street Pizzas to be contacted as mobile food operator once date of Extravaganza confirmed (KD).  Some prize stock from Christmas fayre to be displayed for sale alongside the sweets/ drinks stall.


  1. AOB:


  1. Date of next meeting 02/04/2019