What is it? Did you know that in Mount Pleasant we spend a lot of time listening to what out children tells us about what they think about school... the curriculum.... their work..... their friends.... their classrooms.... the school environment.... after school clubs..... the teachers..... ideas for making the school better... We take that information and build it into the School Improvement Plan so that what our children tell us happens.

Listening to our Leaners- during the course of the school year members of staff talk in small focus groups with randomly selected children about a wide range of subjects, this can include what children think about a specific subject, assemblies, playgrounds or extra curricular clubs. Here is what our children have told us so far......

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Listening To learners took place to make sure that children are enjoying Science lessons and understand the importance of them. All the children spoken to were able to talk about the topics they had been learning about and specific vocabulary they had learnt. Nearly all children are enthusiatic about Science and enjoy the lessons. Some quotes from the children..... 

"We love going outside for Science lessons"

"We do Science work so we can be teachers when we are older and teach it to our children"

"You get to do lots of research and investigate stuff"

The only action arrising from the discussion is that some children are not aware of the skills they use in a Science lesson. So now every class has a display with the Thinking Skills that are covered in all Science investigations (Plan, Develop, Reflect).


Listening to Learners

Four children from each class were asked a variety of questions in order to discover how they feel about school. There was a very positive reponse from every class.They all feel safe in our school and feel that our school deals well with bullying. The year 2 children said they think the teachers take bullying seriously. The children think our school teaches them to stay healthy  - we have water to drink in the classroom, we only have fruit at play times. The School Council encourages everyone to eat healthy food at lunch time. They feel there are lots of opportunities in school to get exercise such as  - P.E. lessons, Sports Day, Sports weeks, after school clubs. They all felt they are doing well in school and that teachers and other adults help them to learn and make progress. They know what to do and who to ask if they find their work difficult - they would look at a display, think again, ask a friend, look at a book, ask their teacher or classroom assistant. They think their homework helps them to understand and improve their school work. They felt they have enough books and equipment to do their work. The year 6 pupils think we need more computers. They think most children behave well so they are able to get their work done and that nearly all children behave well at play time and lunch time.


A few children from each class were asked to talk about their R.E. lessons, whether they enjoy R.E. lessons, how they record their work in R.E. , and which World Religions they have learnt about. All the children said they enjoy R.E. lessons. They were able to talk about the Old and New testament, stories told by Jesus, Jesus' miracles, Christian symbols, sacrifice and Easter. Year 5 and 6 children talked about Bible Explorer. They knew about Islam, Hindusim, Buddhism and Judaism as well as Christianity. They could talk about many important festivals including Divali and Sukkot.

Pupil Participation- Research shows participation is beneficial to individuals, schools and communities. Pupils who participate in decision-making enjoy enhanced self-esteem and motivation, gain important personal, social and organisational skills and become familiar with group and democratic processes.

For more information on Pupil Participation please visit www.pupilvoicewales.org.uk/

The pupil participation notice board and pupil suggestion post box both found in the school hall

Pupil Groups and Councils that run in Mount Pleasant- there are 4 significant groups that run at Mount Pleasant, they each have an important but different role. The school council has responsibilty for pupil wellbeinging, the Eco Council has responsibility for the school environment and the Digital Ambassadors has responsibility for the curriculum and school news and events. Criw Cymraeg encourage everyone in the school to speak welsh. They carry out reserach and help to maintain welsh displays around the school.

All groups conduct research in their particular focus area and then report their findings as well as offering solutions to emeging issues.

Logo of Newport Children and Young Peoples Partnership

To help us think about what we need to do, the
Welsh Assembly Government has asked us to work
towards seven Core Aims, which are based on the
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

UNCRC is 25 Years Old but as relevant as ever!

The Core Aims

Core aim 1
Flying Start in Life

Core aim 2
A Range of Education and Learning Opportunities

Core aim 3
The Best Possible Health

Core aim 4
Play, Sport, Leisure and Cultural Activities

Core aim 5
Listened to and Treated with Respect

Core aim 6
Safe Homes and Communities

Core aim 7
Not Disadvantaged by Poverty