PTA AGM - 30.09.2020

Mount Pleasant Primary School

Parent Teacher Association



30/09/2020 18:30 via Zoom


Attendees: Kirsty Duffield, Lucy Durston-Birt, Sandra Grant, Tavis Prewett, Sarah Chorley, Sian Heaton, Eleanor Williams, Rachel Rusgys, Rachel Zerk-Power, Paul Smith, Vic Lock, Sophie Mcintosh, Liz Rogers, Helen Kirk, Helen Embrey, Helen Hayward

1]         Apologies for absence: Andrew Browning


2]         Minutes of the AGM held on 26/09/2019 accepted and available on school website.  No matters arising from previous AGM


4]         Chair’s Report for 2019/2020: Kirsty Duffield


We had a successful year considering the onset of the Covid pandemic in the Spring.  Income from Preloved uniform raised a couple of hundred £ and requires little input.  The Autumn disco well attended and enjoyed, again we were supported by Warburtons and Tesco express Rogerstone with food donations which helped increase profits. Christmas fayre was successful: a few changes such as prizes to children for best decorated sweet cups made it a bit more fun; the school Choir sang outside at the entrance – enhanced atmosphere and controlled flow into the hall; cupcake decorating and crafts; seating by the refreshments and good signage all helped.   We had a mix of parents and teaching staff volunteering on the day.  Volunteers also helped to wrap prizes prior to the event – this was appreciated as it really shared the workload. 

Christmas raffle was coordinated well, and it was a team effort to secure prize donations.  The benefit of having a lottery license in fundraising is huge, allowing us to sell raffle tickets prior to events: we raised almost as much on the Christmas raffle as the Christmas fayre.  The lottery licence is something we will need to tap into more this year.

Portrait tea towels did well, unfortunately a few pupil portraits did not make it onto the tea towels – we’re unsure where the breakdown was but it was not possible to add more portraits once they’d been submitted and ordered in time for Mother’s day.  Mother’s Day stalls: once again a success and well done to those involved in running these just prior to school closure.  Covid snake was extremely popular (well done Lucy DB for that idea) – it lifted people’s spirits at the height of lockdown.  Children painted stones and added them to the snake at the school entrance.  During the Summer holidays Sarah Chorley rehomed the stones and they now feature in the nursery garden (alongside the pavement heading to Nursery entrance) where they spell out “MPPS”. 

PTA was happy to support the Year 6 leavers event funding the food and drinks, enabling a proper celebration for them.  Vic Lock feedback: the children really enjoyed the event, a big thank you!

Latter part of the year has been about rejuvenating the Forest School.  Working with a local Ecologist, parents, children, and staff spared a morning during the Summer holidays to rebuild the area.  The project is ongoing with year 1 and 2 getting involved by planting the tyres last week.







5]         Treasurer’s Report for the year ending 31/08/2020 Sandra Grant


Aug 2019 Balance: £3393

Payments: Smartscreen £2313, Parentkind membership £115, Lottery licence £20, Year 6 leavers event £310,

Receipts: Disco £406, Fayre/ raffle £1364, uniform £177, Tea towels £383, Mother’s Day stalls £172. 

Balance Aug 2020 £3010 (1 small chq to debit)        


6]         Independent Examiner of Accounts for the year ending 31/08/2020: Liz Rogers


“Donation to school” payment figure incorrect on the audit summary sheet as well as an event name.  The dates on the backing spreadsheet headers were an incorrect year.  Treasurer response: an old spreadsheet was being used that could not be overwritten, a new one will be used this year to correct these inaccuracies.


7]         Election of Officers and Trustees of the Committee


                        Chair: Kirsty Duffield (2nd year)

                        Deputy Chair: Lucy Durston-Birt (2nd year)

                        Secretary: Sophie Mcintosh (1st year)

                        Treasurer: Sandra Grant (ongoing)

                        Committee members: Vic Lock, Liz Rogers, Sian Heaton, Helen Kirk


KD reiterated that everyone else is always very welcome to all meetings and to volunteer/ provide input.




8) Spending: Local carpenter will carry out repairs and replacement of benches in the yard and remove redundant equipment on 23/10 inset day.  Discussed getting quotes for playground markings.  Google earth photo of playground in 2001 shared onscreen.  Agreed that markings are hugely beneficial for foundation phase and can be multi-purpose for play and as a learning tool (eg. Hundred square).  Cycling proficiency also discussed, TP said that this is outsourced, Newport live have done it in the past, not sure what will happen this year. (This can be revisited at a later date).

Next meeting 14/10/2020 18:30, members asked to think about event ideas for this year that don’t involve big crowds and also do some research around them.  We are members of Parentkind: a PTA resource for guidance and information.  KD to circulate details on accessing this.

Tavis Prewett: a huge thank you for everything the PTA has done this year, it makes a big difference.  There is a lot of positivity within the PTA and we are really on the up.