PTA Meeting minutes 10.11.2022

Mount Pleasant PTA Minutes



Thursday 10/11/2022


20.00 – 20.40


ZOOM digital meeting

Meeting ID:

865 4573 7552






HH (chair), KJ (deputy chair), LC (treasurer), AW, KD, SC (Teacher), BJ (Deputy Head), SG (School Business), MH + 1 parent



N.B. Total number of members present at meeting must be at least twice the number of committee members in office


Finance Update

Previous Balance (September): £2,150.65

Credits: Pumpkin trail £342.91, Pre- loved Uniform £42

Debit: Raised Beds £80 raised beds, Pumpkin trail expenses £80.26

Total Balance: £2395.30 (awaiting additional £30 cash payment from pumpkin trail)


Event Feedback: Positive feedback given from parents for the pumpkin trail via social media. The Feedback of pictures and thanks were given to Morrisons Rogerstone for donating the pumpkins which each class decorated, Asda Duffryn and Aldi Risca for their kind donations of sweets.



  • Secretary resignation 09/11/2022 due to various reasons. The chair asked attendees on the call if anyone would like to volunteer to be the new secretary. Anni Waldorf (AW) volunteered and voted in.


Upcoming Events


General Update: Chair has had initial conversations with Mrs Rutledge regarding events and current restrictions. Due to teacher safeguarding and the prediction of a winter surge of Covid and flue, PTA cannot host indoor, gathering events over the winter. This will be reviewed in the Easter.


Pumpkin Trail: Trail held Thursday 27th October – Advertised on Facebook and in the MP newsletter. Parents to donate £2 via Square. Donations for trial have been received from Morrisons, Rogerstone - 10 pumpkins, Aldi - £20 to spend on items and Asda Dyffryn - £30 spend on items. Additional sweets purchased £70.



  • Christmas Rainbow Raffle
  • Each class given a colour for each child to donate an item of that colour for gift hampers to be made up. Committee members have reached out to local businesses and have achieved some amazing prizes
  • Children to be sent home with a book of raffle tickets to sell at £1 each. To be sent back into school with the payments. Online raffle tickets will also be available to purchase. Raffle to be drawn on Monday the 19th of December via Facebook live event. Volunteers to be recruited to help gather prizes and make up the hampers


  • Committee members would like to be put on the Louby Lous elf event this year for all the children. Due to cost-of-living crisis and other events being run the PTA would be happy to absorb the full cost. Further arrangements to be discussed with the school.


Wishlist for Funds’

SC Wish list from teachers:

  • 12 all-weather Netballs - £109
  • Mixing tuff play trays(100cm) x 4 - £200
  • Music Licence for Choir club – awaiting cost
  • Fixed Rugby posts –rugby posts and covers – £1,919
  • Netball posts – 2x alloy portable posts - £652.25 – incl. VAT (additional £350 for covers optional)
  • Trim trail repairs – some rotten timbers – replacement costs

Suspension bridge – £2300

Swinging steps - £2480

Steppingstones - £180 each


  • Wishlist quotes discussed to try and decide on what the school would like to purchase with funds. Further discussions to be had with school to determine priority.
  • A question regarding the funds from the wellie wang fundraiser run by the school was discussed. New sporting equipment has been purchased as feeded back by the deputy head. Further conversations to be had to establish what funds are left to help towards the high quotes from the wish list.


Any Other Business

  • Committee members wish to register the PTA as a charity- Discussions had with the headteacher and the charity registration has been agreed. Lots of other school’s PTA’s are charity registered and this provides the PTA and school with a lot of benefits.
  • Suggestions made for a school lottery fundraiser and to investigate the easy fundraiser which raises funds whilst parents do their normal online shopping. These were great suggestions and is to be investigated further.
  • Discussion regarding event communication between school and PTA to ensure we are not asking for contributions of families constantly. Deputy Head said she will have a look at the school diary and feedback event planned so committee members can plan for 2023.
  • Discussion had regarding other events such as coffee and tea stands during the colder months and Krispy Kreme sales. Positive feedback given and to be investigated further.





  1. Chair to discuss with SG dates for LoubyLous and to discuss the PTA absorbing the full cost for this event.
  2. To find out what funds are left over from the wellie wang fundraiser and agree with school their wish list priority and agree funds.
  3. A post for each class to be put on dojo representing their classes colour for the rainbow raffle. 


Next meeting to be agreed in the new year 2023.