PTA Minutes 14.10.2020

PTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 14/10/2020 18:30 meeting via Zoom

Apologies:  Tavis Prewett, Sandra Grant, Laura Browning, Rachael Rusgys, Sorrell Roberts and Claire Brimble.

Attendees:  Kirsty Duffield, Lucy Durston-Birt, Sophie McIntosh, Sian Heaton, Aysima Harper, Sarah Chorley, Helen Hayward, Marc Wild, Helen Kirk, Ceri Chapman, Liz Rogers and Paul Smith


·         Correspondence received: Asda and Morrisons Halloween event donations of pumpkins and sweets.


Squareup – online payment platform, KD to discuss with SG whether payments can be linked to parentpay or if we need to proceed with squareup.


·         Finance update: No update.


·         Pumpkin trail: pumpkins to be carved by 28/10/20 with a letter and to be positioned in house windows at locations around Mount Pleasant/ Bala Drive/ Taliesin Drive estates. 


Volunteers to carve: Ceri, Sophie, Sian, Helen and Liz.


Children will be given a map (to be printed by TP and designed by RD) with pumpkin locations, letters to be unscrambled to create a Halloween themed word.


Goody bag TBC whether distributed in school or from another location. 


Poster to be designed by LDB and to be put into newsletter on 16/10/20.


Ceri to buy lollys and chocolate from Home Bargains for goody bags.


·         Next Events:


Christmas: Sponsored walk to North Pole – LDB to calculate mileage per pupil, possibly split funds raised with a charity.


Raffle: Donations to be requested – LDB post on Rogerstone Community Facebook page as good response from here last year. AH to donate books and puzzles. LR to donate ukulele.


Next PTA meeting – 11/11/20 @7PM via Zoom