PTA Meeting minutes 15.06.2023

June Mount Pleasant PTA |Minutes

Meeting date | time Thursday 15/06/2023| 8pm-840pm | Meeting location Zoom

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Website to be updated



HH (Chair), KJ (Deputy Chair),  AW (Secretary), SC (teacher),  MM(Teacher), PTA volunnteer

Agenda topics

Time allotted | 20:00-20:05 | Agenda topic Previous Meeting Actions | Presenter HH

Discussion points

1.Agree with school their wish list priority and agree funds.

  1. Intro to PTA session to be set – new dates to be send over to Miss Rutledge follow HH meeting on 27/02
  2. Lottery fundraiser
  3. Need to update the school PTA website.


  1. Can the school provide quotes for trim trail – goal to aim for? Will school go half and half with costs as estimates for repair at about £5.5k.
  2. Delayed with core PTA workload to organise.
  3. Set up – currently projected to take in >£1k revenue per year based on current ticket sales. £15 weekly draw winner
  4. PTA events platform has been set up – this allows us to host pre order tickets, request volunteers, advertise a year programme, other sales online – but does take a % of sale – but facility is now there – team will update and send link to school to update the PTA page with this, lottery, and shopper app.

PTA have been working hard to digitise everything in an overall attempt to reduce the admin for the PTA.

Time allotted | 20:05 – 20:10 | Agenda topic Finance Update | Presenter AW


Current bank total: £1727.80

Movements since April:

  • Disco £421.80
  • Lottery £20.40
  • Pre-loved uniform £6
  • Easy fundraising has £125.25 to be paid out
  • Fathers Day stalls £38.89



  • Fathers day stalls £665.91
  • Disco tuck shop and entertainment £96.42 and £160 respectively
  • Invoice for school leavers £515 to be paid


New SUMup payment platform has been set up for online payment method – good for 1 off payment but charges 2.5% fixed fee per transaction.


PTA events platform takes 2 payment charges per transaction (their platform and online Stripe payment provider) – but good to have this as an option for online raffles and ticketed events.


New PTA lottery – opt in system for national draws

Time allotted | 20:10-20:20 | Agenda topic Event Feedback | Presenter HH


Good feedback from the Disco in general but KS1 was much busier than normal. Parent and staff feedback was that the KS2 half was better. Children were very positive about entertainer and tuck shop.

Staff suggestion for next time is that foundation phase disco to be done in school hours but HH pointed out that it would be difficult to get volunteers in school hours. SC stated that if done in school time wouldn’t need volunteers and KS2 to be done straight after school. 

Lessons to learn:

  1. Buy more items for the tuck shop – sold out and could have supplied more.
  2. Hopefully the next disco there won’t be the restriction of 5pm to be finished, therefore we could have the disco from school finish time at 3.15 – 4pm KS1 and could be teacher and PTA volunteer monitored event and no parent chaperones. There were, in some cases, multiple parents per 1 child – some even brought grandparents and the hall was too full. KS2 could then run 4.15 – 5.15? Had feedback from Mrs R that the earlier times were preferred to later discos.
  3. Feedback from entertainer was that it was run well by separating the Key stage groups, as some local schools have put them all in 1 with chaperones – this can make it difficult to tailor music.
  4. KS2 ran well – good queue flow to get in (had 4 volunteers on the door with names for each class for fire register) and event ran well.
  5. Unlimited squash was positive

Father’s Day stalls already positive feedback.  Mrs M loved the chocolate bar wrappers and the fact that they were so personal. Although stall only complete this afternoon already positive feedback on the gift bags.  However, the donations have been few and far between.  The link will be left open over the weekend to ensure max donations possible.  Currently standing at making £38.89 profit.  May have to discuss with Miss R about charging for bags next time.  Miss C queried why it was a donation and not a charge and HH clarified we were asked no to charge due to the cost-of-living crisis. 

We may need to change things up going forward and maybe forego the mothers/ father’s day stalls and look to do something for Easter instead, such as an Easter Hop (obstacle course).







Time allotted | 20:20-20:30 | Agenda topic General Update | Presenter HH


A list of upcoming events

  • Extravaganza – July 6th - PTA organized ice cream stall from Cattle Farm Dairies selling milkshakes, waffles, and ice cream. We have asked for 10% of sales. Advise them to bring their generator as wires trailing will be health and safety nightmare.  Pre order of picnics were discussed but the logistics were deemed to be too difficult, and consensus was to leave the food side of things and encourage parents to bring a picnic.
  • Year 6 leavers – Bowling and bus confirmed – invoice to be paid.

Next Term:

  • Funky Uniform Friday, was looking to do this term but likely leave until next term now.
  • Pumpkin trail?
  • October – neon spooky disco – strong consensus on this.
  • December -Breakfast and crafts with Santa and the raffle? 
  • Louby Lou’s again?
  • Bring a circus into school? This has been a big hit on other PTA pages.  On average, income was about £1000.  This could be good to bring in a high level of income to boost funds for the trim trail.
  • Smarties tube challenge went well about 2 years ago and raised over £1000.

Time allotted | 20:30-20:35 | Agenda topic Wishlist for funds | Presenter HH



  • Trim trail repairs – some rotten timbers – replacement costs
    • Suspension bridge – £2300
    • Swinging steps - £2480
    • Steppingstones - £180 each

Can the school attain more competitive quotes?

Action items

Person responsible


Purchase items for Disco and Father’s Day Event

More quotes for repair/ replacement of trim trail                   

School Lottery Fundraiser

Year 6 Google Form for leavers event

To agree funky uniform Friday date with school and date

Core PTA

Core PTA

Core PTA

Core PTA

Core PTA









Time allotted | 20:35-20:40 | Agenda topic Any other business | Presenter HH


 Gazebos have been mentioned as a fundraising wish by a parent.  For use at sports day and extravaganza etc.  Miss C will contact school about this as they will need to be a certain quality for safety but feels the school may already have some. 

Zoom call for meetings will stay but difficult to get people to join. Important for reminders from school via text.

Halloween disco is a strong positive both Miss C and Mrs M very positive.

Account is still looking healthy taking into account the invoice to be paid with approximately £1500 remaining.  

Treasurer and Secretary won’t be putting names forward again next year so HH will advertise for new treasurer and secretary over the summer to be appointed in the AGM in September.

Miss C questioned if Morrisons are still doing their grow campaign with the banner still up on the front gates?

HH mentioned that she has put in 2 requests for local grants from ASDA and Tiny Rebel, but not heard anything back just yet.

HH questioned Miss C if end of year review independent audit of accounts could be done by Mrs G?

Miss C wanted to say a big thank you to the PTA for all hard work behind the scenes in digitising everything and in general all the hard work gone into the fundraising for the past year.