Peer Mediation


We are your Peer Mediators this year!

Look out for us on the yard with our red hats.

Look out for any notices on our board in the junior cloakroom.

We are here to help you. We are here to:

Play with you,take you to the medical room or to the toilet and we help you sort our any arguments or misunderstandings. We also play really fun games on the yard like the farmer's in his den and old mac donald had a farm.Hannah and Sophie also run a club on Tuesday, called creative club where they teach you to sing and dance really well.The peer mediators are always there if you feel lonely or upset.

What do you think about Peer Mediators?

"I can ask the Peer Mediators when I need the toilet". Nathan Y2

" The Peer Mediators are really kind and they will play with you if you are upset and help you when you have fallen over". Addison Y3

" They take me into the medical room when I am feeling hurt or sad. I have played 'duck duck goose' with them". Martha Y1

"They help me when I fall over and when I come back they play with me. They have played tag with me. I like them because they are friendly". Erin Y1

" If I fall over they can help you and I can see them because they wear a red hat". Teagan Y1

Minutes 21.1.15

*Review timetable

*Basket balls to play with

*Everyone must wear their hats and badges

*We are going to ask Mr Williams for rubber mats behind the shelter

*No playing with logs and sticks 

*Miss Phillips is going to write some welsh games on a card that we can play with the little ones

*We are going to ask Mr Williams if we can put some padlocks on the green containers, instead of sticks

*Range of different balls for the children to play with

*Skipping ropes to play with

*Chalk to draw things on the yard

We love playing lots of games!!! If you have any ideas for games thta Peer Mediators can play with you, let them know!


Peer Mediators 2013-2014 .


Our job is to look after the younger children on the yard at lunchtimes. Our roles includes playing a variety of games with children and helping them to play with others. To enable us to do our job properly, we  have had training on how to mediate in a dispute and how to solve problems effectively. We are here to help you!

What Do Peer Mediators Mean to You?

"They help me all the time when I fall over they take me to the medical room. They play with me everytime when I see them". Isabella Year 1

" They take us to the toilet. We play with them, we was playing catch with them. It was really fun, we cought their arms!!" Alfie Reception

"They helped us with making me better. I play batman with them, we played vampires too and boat and shark" Connor Reception

"I think that Hannah is a really great Peer Medaitor becuase she plays dancing with me" Carys Year 2

"They help people. They help when somebodys falled over and they help people when they've hurt themselves. I play tag with them, it's fun!" Lola Reception

"If somebody's lonely they play with them. I've played duck, duck goose with them". William Year 2