PTA Minutes 07.11.2018

Mount Pleasant PTA meeting 07/11/2018



Actions for people in Italics

  1. Attendees: Sian Heaton, Lucy Durston-Birt, Kirsty Duffield, Paul Smith, Kristie Hanton, Rachael Rusgys, Mr Prewett and Miss Rutledge.

Apologies: Claire Pickering; Andy Browning; Ceri Adwyn Edwards; Lisa Gwatkin.

  1. Registration to “Parentkind” to be done once we have enough funds (review after disco). This allows us access a Constitution and guidance on charity registration. Once in place, Kristie Hanton has agreed to adopt role of Fundraising Co-ordinator to tap into funding opportunities.


  1. Meeting minutes 16/10/18 approved and added to school website.


  1. Actions from meeting 16/10/18:

Disco DJ booked

PTA webpage updated

Fundraising co-ordinator recruited (see 2. above)

Class reps recruitment ongoing, added tonight: Paul Smith and Lisa Gwatkin (Nursery), Rachael Rusgys (Year 1 and 4)

Finance update: Mrs Grant: statement: total raised £2980.  £1000 Barclays match funding (this goes directly to school).  £2800 funding agreed for Smart TV at start of 2017/2018, cheque to be banked w/c 19/11. 

School need another Smart TV for foundation phase.  PTA to raise as much money towards TV this as possible throughout the year whilst having enough funds to begin next year’s events.


  1. Correspondence received: Chris Evans (Rogerstone Counsellor) contacted facebook page to offer event promotion opportunities through his Grass Roots column in the Argus and his blog. Agreement by committee to go ahead. Kirsty Duffield


Points 6. Finance update; 7. Fundraising co-ordinator update and 8. Class reps update covered above but will be standing points on the agenda going forward.


  1. Next event status:

Disco Thurs 15/11/2018:  Available to attend: Kirsty Duffield, Paul Smith, Lucy Durston-Birt, Rachael

Rusgys (Junior disco), Sian Heaton, Claire Pickering (confirmed on e-mail), Ceri Adwyn Edwards (confirmed FB) 

Characters and co. providing Disco at cost of £50.  Register to be signed on entrance of children and accompanying adults in attendance.  Miss Rutledge agreed school insurance will cover event.

Committee members to get sweets/ drinks/ crisps donated if possible.  Otherwise these will be purchased. 

Entry £2 per child including cup drink agreed.  (This entry fee was agreed at previous meeting and had already been added to PTA website – changing now would confuse the message).  Agreed by chair, co-chair, Secretary and other committee members.




  1. Future events planning:
  2. Christmas Fayre: Stalls confirmed so far: Usborne books rep Vicky Stokes having book stall – £15 donation to PTA agreed; green screen or selfie set up (Mr Prewett).

 Pint sized plastic cups for filling with sweets to be sent home 16/11 for return by 23/11.  Kristie Hanton to buy cups.

Christmas Fayre Meeting in school hall next Wed 14/11 6pm following IT event.  Stalls to be agreed and volunteers to take ownership of each one.

  1. Ideas for New Year Events: Family theatre night


  1. AOB
  2. Tesco: percentage donation for uniform sales – Tesco have been e mailed awaiting response (how does the school get this money?) Sian Heaton
  3. Smart TV demo was provided at meeting by Mr Prewett. Agreed to create a demo video of the benefits of a Smart TV for our children’s learning and add to PTA page.