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"What did you do in school today?",
"nothing" replied Dave.

If that sounds like a familiar phrase then this is the page for you. Here you will be able to found out about homework for the whole school year as well topics being covered in the classroom, extra curricular clubs, results of surveys, useful websites and an FAQ section.

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Parental Survey June 2012- click here to download

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Parental Survey June 2010 

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 Extra Curricular Clubs
In response to some of the questions we get asked about homework in Key Stage 2 we have set out our broad expectations. More detail about homework can be found in the pupil handbooks (click here). 

 Home expectations in Key Stage 2 (YR3-YR6) 


We recommend 10 - 15 minutes reading 5 times a week as a part of homework. Each child will have a home reader, a level below instructional reading taught in Guided Reading sessions. These will be changed when finished by the class teacher or teaching assistant. Reading record books must be updated and signed by parents on a regular basis. Once updated the books should be bought into school. We would like to see reading record books at least twice a week. The reading record books also now contain activities to do when a book has been completed. This work should be handed to the class teacher when completed.


Each week the class teacher will send home a list of words for your child to learn. This list will be suited to your child's spelling age. Where a child is making excellent progress they will be given more challenging words to learn.


Each term teachers will send home a booklet containing activities that can be played at home. These activities are linked to the areas of maths being covered in class. Please make sure you are playing the games 5 times a week. There are very positive results from doing these activities at home.There may also be occassions when additional maths worksheet may be sent home to support learning, this will not always be on a regular basis.

 For the YR6 Maths investigation booklet please click here

Project Work

We look forward to seeing all project work produced at home at the end of each term (ideally in the last week). The ideas for the project work are set out in the pupil handbooks for each year group. When the work is finished we would also ask that a project evaluation is completed and should be handed in along with the project itself. Please be as creative as you can when doing this work... films, books, Powerpoints, stories, posters, models, are all very welcome.


How many hours a week homework should my child have?

There is no legislation for the allocation of homework for children under the age of 11. Therefore, we encourage parental discretion when learning spellings, reading, numeracy activities and completing projects and research.

How many days holiday is my child entitled to during term time?

No children are entitled to holidays during term time. Research has shown pupils achievement is significantly impaired when periods of time are missed from school.

Who writes the school lunch menu?

All school meals are provided by Newport City Council, kitchen staff are employed and managed centrally. Therefore, individual schools have no control over food produced. All questions should be directed to Catering Services at Newport City Council.

What year groups follow the Foundation Phase and the National Curriculum?

Reception to Year 1 follow the Welsh Assemblies Foundation Phase Curriculum whilst YR2 upwards follow the Welsh Assemblies National Curriculum 2008.

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