Friday 17th September


Joining details will be texted out on the day of the meeting.


On week 3 of the menu, the 3rd column (sandwich option) if ticked your child will have a tuna sandwich.



Please find the link below to be distributed to parents wishing to express an interest in our NCC October Play schemes. Parents can follow the link and enter their details.



Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school and no scooters on site due to high numbers of the school community entering and accessing the site at the same time next week.



Dear Parent/Guardian,

From Monday 20th September the school entry and exit times will revert back to our original school organisation prior to COVID-19.

All pupils will need to be in class by 9.00am. The classroom doors will open from 8.50am in order for pupils to access their classrooms. We are still asking for pupils to enter the school building through their class double doors.  Doors Open, Start times, & Home time :- as follows

Year Group                          

Nursery am           9.00am        9.00am          11.15am
Nursery pm           1.00pm       1.00pm           3.15pm
Reception               8.50am       9.00am           3.15pm
Year 1                     8.50am        9.00am          3.15pm
Year 2                     8.50am        9.00am          3.15pm
Year 3                     8.50am       9.00am           3.15pm
Year 4                     8.50am       9.00am           3.15pm
Year 5                    8.50am        9.00am           3.15pm
Year 6                    8.50am        9.00am           3.15pm
Please make sure pupils don’t arrive on school site before 8.50am. All pupils must be in class by 9.00am.

The school doors will open at 8.50 am to facilitate pupils being in their classes and ready for lessons to commence promptly at 9.00 am.

● Please note, parents bringing their children to afternoon nursery at 1.00pm will need to wait outside the main gate until a member of staff opens the gate for pupils to enter the site. Please be mindful of social distancing at this time.

● No parents/guardians are able to enter the school building for health and safety reasons. If you need to contact the school please telephone on 01633 894820 or email

● We ask for all adults to wear a face mask on school site unless you are exempt for medical reasons.

● We continue to use the one way system for entry and exit to the school site.

● No scooters on school site

● All classes continue to enter the school building through their class double doors.

● No parents to congregate on the yard in groups or outside the school gate. Please leave the site promptly when dropping off your child and collecting.

● Please remember to park responsibly at the start and end of the school day.


Breakfast club

Breakfast club will reopen on Monday 20th September. If you would like your child/children to attend the free breakfast club during the Autumn term please make sure they attend from 8.20am. Unfortunately we cannot admit any pupil to breakfast club if they arrive after 8.30am.

During this session breakfast is delivered as a short period before the start of the school day (e.g. 30 minutes) to achieve the primary purpose of providing sufficient time to enable those children who attend, to choose their breakfast and eat it without rushing and start normal school activities. All pupils attending will be required to eat breakfast.

Thank you all in anticipation of your support.

Kind regards

Miss Fiona Rutledge


Covid 19

I ask all families to work with school to make sure we can operate fully and keep school a safe environment. Please help us do this by making sure you contact school immediately if there is a case of COVID-19 in your household. Please email to support us with the ‘warn and inform’ process. By doing this staff will be able to look out for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 within our school community and act accordingly. 

Please help us operate fully and keep COVID-19 out of our school. It is important we all fully understand that any student or staff member with any of the three symptoms of COVID-19 e.g. new persistent cough, fever and/or loss of taste or smell, should not attend school but should self-isolate, arrange a PCR test and notify the school of this. We are asking all families to take a cautious approach.