Criw Cymraeg



Dyma Criw Cymraeg Bryn Hyfryd 2016-2017

They've been nominated because they all...


  • have great ideas for improving the standard of Welsh in our school
  • are willing to give up half an hour of their dinner break once every week for meetings
  •  can help update our Criw Cymraeg webpage
  • can ensure that your class write on the Sgriblo Sydyn boards EVERY week
  •  can stand up in assembly and LOUDLY announce the Draig Ffynci winners
  • have Welsh skills that are good enough to record a weekly 'phrase of the week' for our school website
  • and  can help to organise next year's eisteddfod


If you want to be part of our amazing Criw Cymraeg next year, make sure you get yourselves noticed by using your Welsh in every way possible - on the yard, in the classroom, in the corridors and on our website.  


To find out what Criw Cymraeg are doing to promote the use of Welsh in Mount Pleasant Primary this year, click on the link below to see them present their ideas in our Good News Assembly.


Click on this link to take a closer look at the PowerPoint.



Don't forget to click on the 'Cymraeg' link on our Home Webpage.  If you're in KS2 we want to hear your views on our Sgriblo Sydyn boards, and if you're in Foundation Phase then we want to see your answers to the weekly questions put to you in your Welsh Assembly.  Remember - you get 10 extra housepoints every time you write on the walls.  This will get you nominated to be a Wristband winner so it's worth having a go!


Why do we have a ‘Criw Cymraeg’ at our school?

Because it...



children the
for introducing initiatives
ed at improving
standards in Welsh


a genuine enthusiasm
for Welsh within the
school that extends to all
learners including

improves the amount
of incidental Welsh spoken
by both staff and pupils.



and much much more!


Croeso i Fryn Hyfryd Mistar Urdd!





Criw Cymraeg welcomed Mistar Urdd to our school assembly

 where his friend, Angharad told us all about the biggest

Youth Movement in the World, Urdd Gobaith Cymru.  To see more

pictures, click below...





































Click on the links below if you want to practise your Welsh through fun online games! schools/websites/4 _11/site/languages.shtml     http://www.learn-welsh. net/welshgames     http://www.digitaldialects. com/Welsh.htm