PTA Minutes 18th October 21

Mount Pleasant PTA Meeting – October 2021
Date: Monday 18th October 2021
Meeting Type: ZOOM digital meeting
Meeting ID: 777 5945 3730
Passcode: 4SGa5x
Attendees: Kirsty Duffield, Helena Hopkins, Lucy, Rachael Rusgys, Sandra Grant, LizR, E D-B, Natalie Strange

Apologies: Travis Prewett, Claire Brimble, Helen Kirk, Sian Heaton


Meeting Minutes
Correspondence received

Ø  Asda Duffryn, Morrisons Rogerstone, LoubyLous storytelling


Finance Update:

Ø  £3099.61 is the current available balance, however this does not include the deduction of the 2 new smart TV’s. This must be paid via cheque for payments to go into the budget / Newport City Council account, to receive an income return. Kirsty to send cheque which must be paid by February 2022. The cost of the 2 Smart TVs was £2598

Ø  £46 was made by selling donated Halloween costumes (received from Tesco in a previous year)

Ø  £6 was made from pre-loved school uniform this month

Ø  £543.61 is the current balance, taking all money inflow/outflow/pending deductions into account


The Next Event

Ø  Pumpkin trail planned Tuesday 2nd November following half term break. Trail has been found for all ages of school: colour pumpkin trail for younger year groups, finding letter clues and quiz for older years. Requires laminating and colour printing for trail clues and answer sheets. However, it was brought to attention that there is a high volume of both pupil and teacher Covid absences at present, and the school cannot facilitate this prep pre half term. As a result, a consensus decision was made to cancel this event [EVENT CANCELLED]

Ø  Need to focus on the Christmas fundraising – further details in AOB

Ø  Helena to share Natasha’s law summary to the group

Ø  Advertise pre-loved uniform over the half term. There are 2 carrier bags at the school which Kirsty will pick up

Ø  Jackie the Community Champion for Duffryn Asada has informed Kirsty that Mount Pleasant will be on the tokens for Nov to Jan quarter. Three Charities (non-registered) take part in which all participants receive minimum of £300 and £500 for winner. This is now all online and not physical tokens. Kirsty to distribute link for this when available

Wishlist for Funds’

Spending input required from both School and Parent. Better to have a goal / plan for Money allocation rather than wait until the end of the school year to decide. Sandra