Vision and Aims

Motivate. Nurture. Succeed. 

At Mount Pleasant Primary School, we firmly believe in our vision that is helping us to ensure that all children within the school have the very best experience of their time here. We aim to 'Motivate. Nurture. Succeed.' Click here to watch a short video summarising our vision. 

The strategic vision of Mount Pleasant Primary School is to ‘Motivate, Nurture, Succeed.’ We create an engaging, exciting and authentic curriculum that motivates, inspires and stimulates. Nurturing our pupils is at the heart of our school community. Pupils gain a strong sense of well-being and the confidence to persevere and achieve.  We pride ourselves in providing a challenging and rewarding education, which enables all pupils to succeed.


We aim to:

  • Foster a culture of consultation and research between valued stakeholders to inform purposeful and reflective school self evaluation and development planning.
  • Collaborate and innovate to provide opportunities to involve parents and the community in the life of the school.

  • We create ethically, informed citizens where pupils are motivated, have a clear voice, accepting ownership of learning and taking responsibility for their health and well-being to ensure future success in our evolving world.

  • We strive to influence and motive our learners, refine our teaching to be aspirational in our expectations for all.

  • Highly effective responsive teaching is paramount to provide opportunities for skills development including and promoting digital competency.

  • We work as part of an outstanding team to ensure learning experiences are blended in real life authentic contexts in a positive, nurturing, safe and stimulating learning environment.

  • We aim to raise standards through strong leadership, invest in professional learning, communicate and be innovative, collaborating effectively delivering the best possible education within a culture of support and challenge.

Take a look at a video about our Mission Statement, here: