Meeting 4.11.09


School Council Minutes - 4.11.09


  • No representative present from Mr Hopkins class today


  • Minutes from last meeting read out by Chloe. No objections to previous minutes.


  • ICT areas the council would like to develop:
  • o The council would like to purchase new headphones (that don't break as easily as the old ones).
  • o Posters on display in the computer suite to stop people breaking the resources (to be made by Chloe and Joe). Breaking the resources costs money - which means we will have no money left for other things.
  • o School council to put a message on the whiteboard in assembly about looking after ICT resources (to be arranged by Chloe and Joe).
  • o The ICT suite could be open to pupils at lunchtime.
  • o An ICT club after school.
  • o A stall at the Christmas Fair to raise money for ICT equipment. Like a Christmas Dynamo week? We would need to arrange time to make things.


  • Toys on the yard:
  • o 'If you break them it is your loss, we wont be able to have any new ones.'
  • o We could have a fundraising event like the music extravaganza to raise money for toys and games.
  • o Hold a Mini-Olympics to raise money?
  • o Sell school council badges to raise money?
  • o A talent show at the end of every half term to raise money. We could charge an entry fee?


  • Musical items in assembly:
  • o A music assembly (in the afternoon, or after a long session).
  • o It would be a chance to show of peoples different musical skills.
  • o Jack Atkinson played well in assembly.
  • o The music teachers and staff band could play in assembly.


  • AOB:
  • o Skipping ropes on the bottom yard - only for people who use them properly. They could be given out by the dinner ladies to people who ask for them.
  • o Wooden stages on the top and bottom yards.


  • Date of next meeting: TBA