Meeting 2.12.09


School Council Minutes

Wednesday 2nd December 2009


  • Agree minutes from last meeting.

Minutes read out by Chloe and agreed by the council representatives.

  • Items to sell on the Christmas stall and pricing.

The star decorations and snowmen bookmarks have been made by the year 5/6 art club.  The stars are to be sold at 25p each, the bookmarks are to be sold at 40p each (or 3 for £1).

The cakes will be made by Mr Smith, Miss McCann, Miss Durston and Miss McDermott.  They will be sold at 30p each (or 4 for £1).

Prices -

  • Sign for stall.

The council have decided on a high sign above the stall, which will be made by Mr Smith.

  • Permission to help on stall.

Permission slips have been given to William, Robbie, Joe, Matthew, Ellen, James, Sam, Nathan and Caitlin - who all said they would be at the Christmas Fayre and who might be able to help.

  • AOB
  • o Christmas Plays - some of the children who don't have any lines to say would like an opportunity to get up on the stage, even if it's just as an extra in a scene or during the singing.
  • o Some children would like to have more places to sit on the middle yard - it can up unpleasant sitting in the outdoor classroom as you get muddy going in and out of it.
  • o The bottom yard has all the benches but it is the 'games yard' so less people want to sit down.
  • o People are still breaking toys on the top yard.


  • Date and agenda for next meeting.


Date TBC.