Home and School


The partnership between the school and the home is of great benefit to the children. We always endeavour to welcome our parents into school, but we would ask that you co-operate with these simple requests:

  • Please report to the secretary or headteacher on arrival;
  • Please enter you name in the Visitor's Book;           
  • Do not visit the classrooms without a prior appointment. Staff are very busy people and find it difficult to  supervise a class whilst dealing with a parent;
  • If transporting your child to and from school by car, please use the car park sensibly;           
  • Please do not collect your child from inside the school at the end of the day unless prior arrangement with the class teacher has been made. As you can appreciate, staff are very busy organising children into their various dismissal areas and a child who goes missing causes great concern and problems;            
  • There may be times when you may be visiting to complain or would wish to discuss problems. Where this is the case, parents must report only to the headteacher, or in her absence, the deputy headteacher.  Please endeavour to observe this request.

Thank you.