Games and Physical Education


Games and PE are compulsory for all children, except those permanently excluded on health grounds. These children must have a note form their GP to this effect. Those suffering from minor ailments will only be excused if supported by a brief note from the parents.

Suitable clothing for PE is essential. No child will be allowed to participate in gymnastics and games unless appropriate clothing and footwear is worn.

Clothing for educational gymnastics and dance

            Girls:                T shirt / school polo shirt and shorts/leotard

            Boys:                Shorts

All work in the hall will be carried out in bare feet except where parents request otherwise, perhaps because of a foot infection. Should this be the case, trainers or plimsolls should be worn.

Clothing for games and skills lessons

            Boys and girls: T shirt / school polo shirt, shorts
                                         Tracksuits for cold days
                                         Plimsolls/trainers/football boots, where appropriate