Educational Visits


Teaching the primary school curriculum effectively is certainly the most important aspect of our work. And, to allow our pupils to develop in an ‘all round way', activities and events outside the school environment are provided. Prior to any visit outside the confines of the school, a parental consent form should be filled in. This must be returned to school prior to the visit, otherwise it will be assumed that consent is refused.

The letter of consent will ask for contributions to be made towards the cost of the visit. Parents should please note that unless the full amount is paid by all parents, then the visit will need to be cancelled, as the school does not have the budget to support these events.

Pupils have taken part in the following visits:

            Sherman Theatre, Cardiff
            Tredegar House
            Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre
            Hilston Park for a 5 day residential outward bound course
            Museum of Wales, Cardiff
            Caerphilly Castle,
            Llancaiach Fawr, Nelson.