Dress and Jewellery


The school has a school uniform that consists of:

                        grey trousers/grey skirts/pinafore dresses
                        white polo shirts
                        burgundy cardigans/jumpers
                        black shoes

                        pink and white check dresses for summer.


The cardigans and jumpers are available for purchase from the:

                        National Schoolwear Centre,                                       Brigade School Clothing via website link
                        Cambrian Road

                        Tel:01633 / 222261

Footwear not suitable for school, eg. heeled shoes and strappy sandals, which are potential safety hazards, will be discouraged.

With the same uniform being worn by all the children - please, please, please, ensure that all your child's clothing and equipment are properly labelled.

Children in Year 1/2 and upwards are asked to provide ‘painting shirts' for use in art/craft/technology lessons. One of dad's old shirts would be excellent                                   


Bags should be of a sensible size because of the limited space available for storage in the cloakrooms.

Jewellery of any type is discouraged because of the danger to the wearer, their friends and because of its security. If children must wear earrings to school they must be restricted to one pair of the ‘stud' type earring. These must be removed prior to PE to minimise the risks to themselves and to others. Children whose ears are in the healing period following piercing, will need to provide medical tape to cover the ear lobe during PE.

Parents have co-operated 100% in this matter, and we should be grateful for similar support from parents of new pupils. 

Toys should not be brought to school as they are a distraction to the child and will prove problematical to the staff if they become lost or broken.