Children are accepted into the school in the Autumn Term (September), provided they are 4 years old before the 31st August.

Parents of out-of-catchment children who wish their child to attend Mount Pleasant should apply to:

            Pupil Services Section
            Civic Centre,
            NP20 4UR

            Tel: 01633 / 244491

During May, a letter of invitation is sent to all parents of children who will be starting school in September. 

On this occasion, parents and children visit the school, during which time the children experience play activities in the reception area.  Meanwhile, parents attend a meeting in the hall.

A member of staff visits the nurseries in the area, to meet all the children who will be starting school in September.  These visits take place prior to our induction afternoon.

Dates of all the visits are circulated via Playgroup Notice Boards
or post.

The first two weeks of the children's schooling is for half-day sessions and one week of shorter days. This affords an opportunity for the children to settle in and become familiar with the organisation of the classroom and the school, and for the teacher to learn more about the child.