It is inevitable that there will be times when your child will need to be absent from school. It may be because of
a visit to the doctor, dentist, opticians, etc. Whilst we would ask that, where possible, most of these appointments are made outside school hours, we acknowledge that in certain circumstances it is not possible. At these times, it will be necessary to inform the school prior to the appointment, by writing or telephoning. This absence will be authorised.

Should your child be absent through illness, please telephone and inform school on the morning of absence. These absences will be authorised except where consistent absenteeism gives cause for concern. Parents will be contacted in such cases.

Should you wish to take your child for a family holiday in school time then a letter requesting absence from school should be forwarded to the Head Teacher.  Children are authorised 5 school days off per year. Any days over and above this, will be classified as unauthorised. Where your child has a poor attendance record, permission for absence will be refused.

Persistent absences from school, or absences not deemed appropriate, such as - shopping, visiting family, birthdays, etc. will be classified as unauthorised.

The number of unauthorised absences from school will appear on your child's report.  Also letters are sent to parents where attendance falls below 90%.  This is part of our ongoing commitment to communication.

Further information is enclosed in the Attendance Policy which is circulated to all parents.