PTA Minutes 10th October 16



10th Oct 2016


PRESENT:  Miss Rutledge, Emma Lindsey, Anna Benning,  Ceri Edwards, Amy Canham, Sarah Egan, Brad Goodfellow, David Jackson, Claire Pickering, Claire Gates, Aysima Harper, Stacy Clarke, Sam Heaton

APOLOGIES: Ceri Wilson, Andy Browning, Rachel Rusgys, Amanda Williams, Lucy Durston-Birt, Diana Osman


1.     PTA Constitution

The PTA Constitution and Code of Conduct are on file and held in the school office for all members to read as they wish. The Code of Conduct is also available on the school website.


2.     Disco

The next school disco will be held on 17th Nov

Infants - 5 till 6

Juniors 6:15 till 7:15

Lots of volunteers are needed to help at both, anyone that can help to contact Emma/Andy

3.     Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair will be held on 24th Nov at 3:30, the classroom assistants will be available to help set up the hall and the school choir will sing during the Fair.  Emma will liaise with Miss Rutledge to create a floor plan of the hall to set out the various stalls.  It was decided to have more games and activities for the children this year, including decorating cakes/biscuits and the lucky dips, more helpers will be needed for these activities.  The idea was discussed of possibly selling tickets for the fair with a time slot for seeing Santa. 

The committee discussed opening the Fair to the local community and advertising it using 'For Sale' signs put on any willing resident's property, Emma has a contact in Crook and Blight Estate Agents and they will donate £1000 to the PTA if we use signs similar to their own. Emma will provide an example sign for Miss Rutledge.

4.     Wreath Making Evening

Ceri E suggested an idea to hold a Wreath Making Evening in the school hall where parents can purchase a ticket and be shown how to make a Christmas Wreath which they then keep. Ceri Wilson possibly has a contact in the WI who could come and do this, the idea was also discussed to have the evening catered by the Spicy Aroma Curry House whom Emma will contact. The date for this is TBC.


5.     Mince Pie and Choir Afternoon

The School Choir will be holding a concert one afternoon, 3:15 - 4:15 date TBC, we will be able to sell tea/coffee and mince pies for this event.

6.     Fundraising Gifts Stalls

 'Fundraising Gifts' stalls, where we purchase gifts and are sent a number of open gifts to display, the rest are then wrapped and the children can pick a gift, will be held on Monday 12th Dec, 1 - 3 in the school hall. Volunteers are needed for this event.

7.     Movie Night

The next Movie Night will be held on 15th Dec, 3:15 - 4:30, a Christmas Film will be shown! Booking Forms will go in the school bags next week, volunteers will be needed to help.


8.     Advertising Signs

David will contact Griffiths Signs to possibly get signs made that we can keep and advertise events such as the Christmas Fair.


9.     Any Other Business

Cake stalls will be held again during the Spring Term.  The idea was discussed of possibly purchasing an LED Ticker Display Sign in order to advertise future events.

Happy Circus will be booked again for September 2018.