PTA Code of Conduct


Mount Pleasant Primary PTA
                                                         Committee Member Code of Conduct

This code of conduct has been formulated to clarify the type of conduct that is expected of XXX PTA Committee members and officers during their elected year on the Committee.

To be elected as a Mount Pleasant PTA committee member you must:.

Be at least 18 years of age.
Participate in volunteer trainings and activities.
Sign and abide by the Code of Conduct and bylaws.


1. Treat everyone fairly within the context of their activity, regardless of gender, place of origin, colour, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or economic status.
2. Direct comments or criticism at the activity rather than the person.
3. Consistently display high personal standards and project a favourable image when representing the PTA.
a. Refrain from public criticism of fellow volunteers, students and staff..
b. Abstain from the use of tobacco products while representing the PTA.
c. Abstain from drinking, possessing or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages while representing the PTA.
d. Abstain from the use or be under the influence of illegal drugs while representing the PTA.
e. Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language when representing the PTA.
f. Refrain from personal attack or harassment, either visual, verbal or physical on another person.
g. Attend to your Committee duties, as directed, in a timely manner.


1. Act within the law.
2. Be honest and fair.
3. Observe confidentiality in respect of all information gained through your participation as a Committee Member.
4. Treat PTA members, volunteers, students, staff and community members with respect.
5. Respect the dignity of others; verbal or physical behaviours that constitute harassment or abuse are unacceptable.

I have read and understand the above statements and agree to conduct myself in a manner that demonstrates the standards established in the Mount Pleasant PTA Committee Member Code of Conduct.

Name of Committee member:_________________________________________ (please print)

Signed: _____________Date: _____________________

Failure to abide by the Mount Pleasant PTA Committee Member Code of Conduct, will result in review by the Pta committee and possible suspension or dismissal pending outcome