How we used pupil voice in the past


How we used pupil voice in the past

  • School Council - Eco Council - Peer Mediators - Pupil Research Group


  • KWL grids in class


  • DYNAMO - How do you want to spend the money?


  • Podcasts (to broadcast news for the pupils by the pupils)


  • Topic Forum (to discuss with peers and teachers what they want to learn about within their topics)


  • School Forum (opportunities to tell the school council your views on school policy, resources equipment, various issues...)


  • E-mails (send in work etc. to show the class during 'show and tell')


  • Extra Curricular Clubs - Pupil wrote down which clubs they wanted in the school.


  • Learning Diary Stars - Using learning diaries each time a child achieved a target they would get a star.


  • Pupils Voice Awards for those posting on the class/school forums


  • Class rules (devised by the children) in class


  • Class of the week (chosen by the school council)


  • Interviews with staff and governors through Podcast