Friday 10th February


Good Luck Mr Plews

I'm writing with great regret that Mr Plews will be leaving Mount Pleasant Primary School on February 17th 2017 to embark on a new career at the Statistics Office. I'm sure you will all agree that his expertise and commitment to Mount Pleasant Primary School will be missed by the whole school community. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Mr Plews happiness and success as he changes the direction of his career.

Miss Mortimer will be teaching Year 4 until the end of the academic year. She comes highly recommended from Pentrepoeth Primary School and is keen to share her expertise with the Mount Pleasant team. Good Luck Mr Plews, you'll be missed!


During the cold weather please can parents send their child in with gloves.




Welsh Burger in a Bun with potato wedges

Glamorgan Sausages with potato wedges


Baked Beans or Salad


Red Dragon Jelly or Fruit


Infants 5 - 6pm (parents must stay)

Juniors 6:15 - 7:15pm 

National Literacy and Numeracy Tests  3rd - 10th MAY 2017

Mount Pleasant Primary School will be administering the National tests for Literacy and Numeracy between 3rd and 10th May 2017. It is vital that all children are in school on these days. The tests will last about an hour each and are constructed so that our younger learners will be able to sit them in 'chunks'. They will be delivered on a year group or small group basis. The reading test will consist of a number of passages followed by short, closed response and multiple choice type questions. There are two numeracy tests; a procedural test for knowledge and understanding and a reasoning test for application of skills and problem solving. The tests will be marked in school and learners' raw scores will be converted to standardised scores. The standardised score will show how your child's performance in the test compares to other children of the same age who have sat the test in Wales. Test results and comparative data will be sent out at the end of the year. Parent workshops will be arranged prior to the testing period, we hope you will be able to attend.

Please find below the links to where you can find Numeracy and Reading sample materials to support your child at home.

School categorisation -

School categorisation for 2016 is highlighted below. I would like to say a huge thank you to the whole team at Mount Pleasant Primary School including Teachers, Pupils, Governors, Parents and the Wider Community for their continued support in school improvement.

The system is based on three simple steps. It is not purely data-driven and takes into account the quality of leadership, teaching and learning in our schools.

  • Step one - Standards group: a range of information is used to make a judgement about the school's standards, resulting in a standards Group
  • Step two - Improvement capacity: an evaluation of the school's capacity to improve further, taking account of the evidence about the standards and the quality of leadership, teaching and learning, resulting in an improvement capacity
  • Step three - Support category: bringing the judgement on the standards group and improvement capacity together to decide on the school's support category, colour coded either green, yellow, amber or red

The categorisation outcomes of each school are published annually, however the improvement capacity and support category of a school may change during the academic year. More information is available on the link provided to my local school.

1 - Standards group

A- Improvement capacity

Green - Support category


A quick reminder that your child is able to bring a piece of fruit for a healthy snack each day. Dried fruit is acceptable too! Please make sure that your child's snack is clearly labelled. I'd like to remind you that nuts are not permitted or fruit flavoured sweets. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

WALES AIR AMBULANCE - Please return your donation bags by Friday 3rd March 17

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