Eco assembly script

 Please find the play script for our school assembly on Friday 6th June. Please try and learn your lines and remember to speak clearly and loudly. You do not have to learn the poem, as we will put the poem on the large screen. Well done to everyone for trying so hard today in our practise !! =]

Miss Morgan & Miss Phillips




For Eco Committee






Nar 1: Welcome to our RUBBISH assembly.


Nar 2: Some say that it's a WASTE of time.


Nar 1: But we couldn't REFUSE to do it!


Nar 2: Any ideas on what it's about?


Nar 3: No, sorry guys, haven't the foggiest.


Nar 1: We'll give you a our school; we think the three r's are very important.


Nar 3: Um...are playtimes, are friends and are teacher?


Nar 2: Oh goodness gracious me, no that not what I'm talking about!


Nar 1: In our school...we believe you should...




ALL:    REDUCE                 REUSE         And           RECYCLE

Nar 3: Now that really is a waste of time!




Nar 2: Take a seat; I think we will be able to change your mind!









(Voice from off stage or wings calls out :)

Joe: Hey Susie!

Susie: (Dejected) Yea...

(Boy runs on stage and catches up with her...)

Joe: Hey, what's wrong?

Susie: Oh, I got a flat tyre, and my chain keeps falling off...This bike is a piece of junk!! I'm just taking it to the tip.

ENTER Mother Nature (in a puff of smoke or cloud of confetti...)

Joe: Wow, who are you??

MN MN: I'm Mother Nature. I'm the spirit of the Earth. I've been really ill lately.

Lucy: What's wrong?? How come you're ill?

MN: Just look at that dump over there for one thing.

Joe: I saw it - Uggh! (Susie nods)

Susie: Oh Yuk!!

MN: People use things once and throw them away. You humans live your lives as if there is a never-ending supply of everything, of me...and when you live like that, you make a lot of waste and pollution. That's what's making me sick.

Lucy: Us? We don't do that.

MN: Yes you do. You all do.

Joe: What's that noise?

Susie: It's coming from that dump...

MN: It looks like piles of old newspaper. They were once trees you know...

Paper 1: We overheard you talking about us. We've been so sad buried here in the dump, just wasted.

Paper 2: We could have been recycled and used again. That saves energy and trees!






Joe: Well, we will help you recycle this stuff!






MN: thank you! You know, it's so easy to recycle.

(uncover recycling box - put newspapers in box )

Lucy: Hey we have one of those boxes - I think dad keeps the tools in it..

Susie: Mother Nature, is there anything else in that dump that could be recycled?

MN: I'm glad you asked. Of course there is.

Joe: How about those cans over there?

MN: Aluminum foil and cans can all go in your recycling box.

Can 1: We cost a lot to make in energy and trees.

Suzie: Does aluminum come from trees?

Can 2: Of course not!!! The trees must be cut down to get to the earth beneath that holds the ore - that's what metal comes from.

Can 3: It's much cheaper to melt us down and turn us into new cans!

Can 2: We've got some friends in that dump that would like to be used again too.

MN: Yes there's some plastic bottles just thrown away

Plastic bottle 1: We've been sitting here for nearly fifty years!




Plastic bottle 2: I heard that if someone had recycled us we could be turned into a toy or even part of a car!



MN: That's right! Do you know lots of big supermarkets recycle bottles already.



Lucy: We can take them to Tesco - we have to go there to get our food after all!



Joe: What about glass bottles?

MN: They can be recycled too!

Glass bottle 1: Thank goodness! We've been here for over five hundred years - we don't rot like other materials!



Joe: That's awful.

Glass bottle 2: Yes, we could have been re-used and then turned into new glass!






Joe: I never knew that re-using stuff was so important.

MN: Recycling does help to save the homes of all the plants, creatures and humans. It is very important, you should go and tell the other humans!






ALL Kids: We will!

MN: I feel a little better now, but I should be going...So many things to take care of...

ALL KIDS: Bye and thank you!

Joe: Well, now what?

Susie: First things first...I've got to fix my bike!

Joe: And I think I'll be finding a new home for dad's tools!



Nar 4: At Mount Pleasant Primary School we recycle our paper and cardboard.


Nar 5: We have bins to make our own compost from fruit waste.


Nar 6: We use our big blue bin in the hall to recycle old unwanted clothes.


Nar 7: Mrs. Smith uses a big bin behind the school to recycle the tins and jars from the kitchen.


Nar 8: What do YOU recycle at home?


Nar 9: Here is a poem with some top tips using the three r's


Nar 10: It's called...No Time to Waste


What should we do with our rubbish?

The bottles and empty jars,

Newspapers and cardboard boxes,

Old tyres and rusty cars?


Perhaps we can recycle them,

It's easy as can be,

Just take the old things that you have,

And use them differently.


Banana skins and teabags,

Help the garden grow a treat,

And jam jars filled with nuts and bolts,

Will keep the tool shed neat.


Used clothes can still be handy,

Take a needle and some thread,

And from the different bits of cloth,

Make a quilt instead.


What should we do with our rubbish?

The bottles and empty jars,

Some say its' not their problem,

But in fact it's all of ours.


So get your  boxes ready,

And fill it up with haste

Save energy and use less trees

There is no time to waste!




Nar 11: God created a beautiful world for us to live in.


Nar 12: We should all be looking after it.


Nar 13: Please put your hands together and close your eyes as we thank God for the world around us.


Nar 14: Dear Lord, thank you for making such a beautiful place for us to live in.


Nar 15: Thank you for the plants and animals that give us food.


Nar 16: And for the land that gives us materials to make things from.


Nar 17: Help us not to waste these things you have given us.


Nar 18: Help us to care for our world as you care for us. Amen.


Nar 19: Please stand with us to sing _____________________________________


Nar 20: We hope you have enjoyed our assembly...and remember...


ALL: There is no time to waste!