Year 6 Maths

Welcome to the Year 6 Maths page!

Here you will find a range of activities for the children to do at home to consolidate skills we have been learning in the classroom.

The majority of activities will be fun in order to motivate and engage, whilst ensuring the children are getting the most of their learning!

Week 2

This week, the children have been consolidating their understanding of place value up to 1,000,000. They have been using this knowledge to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000. As a reward for their hard work this week, please click on the link below for a Who Wants to be a Millionaire style game, which will test their knowledge of place value. This game requires Flash player. 

Have a great weekend all!

Miss Jenkins

Week 3

This week we have been learning about positive and negative numbers. We have been ordering and finding the difference between these values, an important skill in Year 6. In addition to this, we have been doubling and halving a range of numbers, up to and including tens and hundreds of thousands. 

I am sending home a paper copy of homework this week, relating to doubling and halving. We will be working through this on Monday as a class, so if all children could return it by Monday that would be excellent. 

I have also added a game (click the link below), which will consolidate their understanding this week. Please note; this game requires Flash Player. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

Miss J


Week 4

This week we have been working on our Numerical Reasoning skills, applying our knowledge of rules and patterns and interpretation of graphs, in order to use simple Algebra.

The last part of the week has centered around mental Maths skills and as such, a short test will be part of the homework this weekend, which consolidates the first test we have completed in school. 

Please could all children return their completed sheets to school on Monday, so that we can self-assess the work.

Many thanks!

Miss Jenkins

Week 5

This week, we have been revising multiplication strategies, in order to solve a range of problems. We have been working on the Grid Method and will be moving onto Long Multiplication next week. As a way of consolidating our learning, I have sent home a worksheet, using only the grid method. Please could this be returned by Monday next week, to form part of our lesson and for the children to self-assess their work. 

I look forward to seeing you all at Parents Evening next week. 

Have a great weekend, 

Miss J

Week 9

This week, we have been learning the 'Bus Stop Method', when dividing. The children have been consolidating their knowledge of this method throughout the week and as such, I have decided to trial a very different homework task!

As a result of the learning this week, the children will have either been given a set of instructions about their task, or they will have a paper copy of the homework. Please could this be completed by Monday 22nd October. 

Many thanks, 

Have a great weekend;

Miss J


Week 12

This week, we have been working with decimals, converting fractions into decimals, ordering and adding and subtracting decimals. The latter showed some up some minor difficulties and as such, the home work for this weekend will concentrate on subtraction. The children can complete their homework in their Reading Journal and this will be marked on Monday 3rd December. 

Thanks for your support, 

Miss J