Meeting 3.3.10


School Council Meeting


Wednesday 3rd March 2010


  • Apologies for absence - Joe Doherty


  • No matters arising from minutes of previous meeting.


  • Spending of the school council fundraising money.


Chloe informed the council that Year 5 and 6 children are very keen on the film tent idea.  Robbie then informed the council that Year 3 and 4 were also interested in a film tent.  The council decided to have a vote and 9 people decided that the council wish to purchase a film tent.



Chloe informed the council that some children, girls in particular seemed to like the speaker idea.


William informed us that some of the Year 5 and 6 children would like software suitable to their age that was similar to number shark and word shark.  Mr Smith informed the council that when Step 4 is installed we could rethink the software available on the school intranet.


  • Looking after the school property.


The councillors thought that the peer mediators could be asked to supervise the toys being used at lunch times.


A new rules could be made that if anyone breaks school property they are sent straight to Mr Williams.


If children are found to break items three times in a row the council think the child's parent should be called into school.


Chloe suggested that broken items should not be replaced so that children will see what it is like to live without the items they have destroyed.


The council suggested signs were posted in the toilet areas to remind children how to care for these areas.


The councils debated the idea of having someone to monitor the cloakroom area at lunch and break times to report damage, poor behaviour etc.  On the same note children discussed the possibility of toilet monitors.


The councillors suggested a yellow and red card system for the dinner ladies at lunch time to help with behaviour.


  • Other business.


The councillors suggested children should use a microphone to speak in assembly.


The idea was offered that the school councillors were given badges or another item that would make them stand out as a school councillor.


  • Matter arising for next meeting


The councillors decided that they would all produce a poster that encourages children to look after the school property and then choose one to be presented to the whole school in assembly and then displayed around the school.  The children will bring these to the next meeting.


  • Date of next meeting


Wednesday 17th 9:10am (Junior Welsh assembly), Mr Smith's room.