PTA Minutes - 10.05.2019

Mount Pleasant Primary School PTA meeting minutes

Friday 10th May 2:30pm

Present: Sian Heaton (Chair), Lucy Durston-Birt (co-chair), Sandra Grant (Treasurer), Kristie Chamoun Hanton, Rachael Rusgys

Apologies: Kirsty Duffield


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted


  1. Actions
    1. Easter hunt actions- complete
    2. Lottery wording – complete
    3. Raffle prize letter wording – complete
    4. Raffle ticket purchase – see agenda point
    5. Constitution copies for school and website- school copy supplied, await upload to PTA web page (Action= SH)
    6. Thank you letter – need to supply wording and addresses to Sandra (Action = SH/KD)
    7. Disco booking – see agenda point


  1. Nil correspondence received


  1. Finance update- current account balance £2293.33. Profit on Mothers Day stalls = £819. Profit on Easter hunt = £167


  1. Next events status


  1. Lottery- need to advertise through Facebook, text, dojo (Action:SH/SG)
  2. Father’s Day stalls – 13th and 14th Purchasing started by Kristie. Need volunteers to assist on the days (Action= SH)
  3. Discos- DJ booked. Lucy has obtained donation of rolls from Warburtons for hot dogs to be collected from Tesco express on the day (Action= SH). Require a letter to take to Aldi’s for drinks donation as per previous disco’s (Action= LD-B)
  4. Extravaganza- approx. number expected 500. Raffle prize letters to be shared with others present today and a list of who already approached so further companies can be contacted (Action= KD). Request for raffle prizes to be added to Facebook (Action= LD-B). Supermarkets to be approached for prizes to include in hampers (Action= KH)
  5. Uniform – honest box and rail to be put out at extravaganza (Action= SH/SG)
  6. Battery recycling- box now in place and advertised on Facebook page. Need to confirm when it will be collected (Action=SH)


  1. AOB
    1. New starter magazines obtained from Parentkind for September intake parents. To be handed out on open afternoon with note attached about PTA (Action= SH/SG)
    2. Uniform rail with small sizes at open afternoon for new starters (Action= KH to man on the day)
    3. KH suggested we do pop up ice lolly sales when we know weather due to be good on yard at the end of the school day. Consider for later in summer term.
    4. RR mentioned that Crumlin PTA are having a visiting circus, think price for tickets is around £6. RR will try and find out which circus this is.

Date of next meeting- Friday 7th June 2:30