Nursery Parent Information

Monday News

On a Monday we encourage the children to share with us news about their weekend.

The aim of this is to encourage Speaking and Listening and to teach the children the difference between week days and the weekend.

It has been very useful in the Autumn Term for the parent to create a very simple picture sheet of a few activities that you do as a family over the weekend to send in with your child on a Monday morning or afternoon. For example, drawing a picture of a TV with a film title, a picture of a park, a picture of a pizza. This should be enough to remind the children what they did with you over the weekend. By Christmas, we hope the children might have learnt to distinguish between a school day and a weekend day and can start to remember what they have done from memory.


Fun Fruity Friday

Friday in Nursery we try to have an active day where we get the children involved in physical activities such as yoga, dance, PE type activities, throwing and catching, movement games and we try to alternate the activitiy each week.

At snack time, we try to use Friday to encourage the children to bring in a new or different fruit to the one they usually bring in or like the best. We don't expect you to buy something exotic and expensive. We just want your child to attempt to try something different and usually, in front of their friends, they are willing to have a go. So for example, if your child brings a banana or an apple each day, maybe on a Friday they could try carrots and cucumber.

We really appreciate your support with this and find it a very successful way to encourage children to try something new.