Welcome to Code Club

Welcome to Code Club!


*Important - From w/c 5.11.18 Code Club will be running after school on a Thursday (3.15- 4.00 pm).  This will allow me to run the club consistently each week, as well as giving us a bit of extra time per session!  I hope to see you all there!  There is a sign up sheet outside the office, please can you put your names down before October half term.  Many thanks, Mrs Jones*


Code Club is open to all children in KS2, all we ask is that your child has their own Scratch account set up to allow them to save their work.  Once their account is set up, you will receive an email to confirm their account.  Please follow this step as it allows them to share their work with the Scratch community.


We follow the coding projects via the Cold Club website, or children are free to work on their own projects.  We begin coding in Scratch, with the hope of progressing onto Python in Upper KS2.  There are also projects available for HTML coding.