Each week two children from 1M will be pairing up with reprensentatives from 4D to write our class blog.  Together they'll share their thoughts on the various activities that have taken place during the week.


1M have worked on this week's blog as a whole class.  It's amazing to see how much we've done over the last weeks, and even better that the class could remember it all!

Numeracy - so far this term we've been practising our number bonds to 10 by playing the game 'ping pong'.  We've also learnt all about 2d and 3d shapes through song and by going on a shape hunt. We've started to look at place value and know that two digit. numbers are made up of 10 and a one digit number .  We learnt the terms tens and units.   We've added and taken away too!


Literacy - We've been looking at the book Stick Man.  We sequenced the story and we wrote the story in our own words.  We also described Stick Man and used amazing adjectives.  We've been looking at the phonic sounds sh, ch, th.  Every Monday we use our froggy fingers to write sentences that include those sounds.  Today we went on  a 'th' word hunt to see how many 'th' words were around the school.


Welsh - We've been learning with Fflic and Fflac.  We've learnt how to say what foods we like and what foods we don't like. We used Camera Clic to take a photo of  Welsh words and then we went to our tables and wrote them down without any help.  We wrote our own Welsh poems and read them to the class too.


Topic - Firslty we made our fact files, saying our age, our favourite colour, our family and what we want to be when we grow up.  We drew a picture of our eyes and we labelled all the parts of the eye - we can remember the iris, the pupil, the eyelid, the eyelahes, eyebrows.  We also looked at all the senses that we use.  We ordered pictures to show the stages from baby to old person. One day we cut out the parts of a skeleton and then had to paste them back in  our books in the right order and even label them.  We talked about what all the different bones help us to do.


Forest School - We looked at all the colour and the shapes of leaves and discovered that there were lots of different sorts.  We're going back soon to see how they've changed.


P.E, - We've been doing gymnastics and practising our happy cat, angry cat, fox, frog, star jumps and other moves.  We've also worked on our balance and control by balancing bean bags on our body parts and throwing them to each other carefully.