Weekly Blog



Our weekly blog is back!

Each week two children from 1M will be pairing up with reprensentatives from 4L to write our class blog.  Together they'll share their thoughts on the various activities that have taken place during the week.

Friday 13th March 2015

This week Jessica and Aimee from 4L are working with Amelie and Millie from 1M to do the blog...


  • We went to get presents from the mothers day stalls ssssshhhhh.
  • We made mothers day cards.
  • We made acrostic poems.
  • We've been doing a scince investigation! ( it was so fun! )
  • number bonds to ten.

  • We have been pretending we are giants and sending letters to jack !




Friday 6th March 2015

This week Eve and Aimee from 4L are working with Ridha and Lucy from 1M to do the blog...

  • We read Jack and the bean stalk and used a story mountain to show how the story begins, builds up, the problem of the story, how the problem is solved and the how the story ends. 
  • In maths we did tens and units and used lots of different methods to add up. and take away. We used our number bonds and our knowledge of doubles and halves to solve the problems much quicker.  Sometimes we had to count on and back, but other times we used different methods.
  • In P.E we acted out Jack and the bean stalk and used our knowledge of counting in steps to climb the beanstalk.

This week Eve and Aimee from 4L are working with Oliver and Daniel from 1M to do the blog... 

In maths we have been learing about direction, clockwise,anti-clockwise, left, right, fowards and backwards.

  • We have been playing Ping Pong to help us to remember our number bonds to to 10 and 20.We Made house team shields for the eistedffod.
  • Wrote instructions for 1s on how to make shields.
  • We traveled across a bench doing gymnastics.
  • We learnt the welsh national anthem.
  • We practiced for the eistedffod 

Friday 6th Febrauray

This week Miss Medhurst is working with the whole of 1M!

  • In literacy we looked at the phonic sound 'i_e' - These two letters aren't allowed to sit together all the time, because they talk too much, so sometimes we sit another letter between them!
  • We also used our alphabetical knowledge to find words in the dictionary - we split the alphabet into 3 sections to make it quicker for us to find the words we wanted.
  • We've been working really hard in preparation for the eisteddfod.  One of the competitions is to write a story with just a picture as a stimulus.  We had a picture of a dragon, a princess and a castle and we planned our stories on a castle map.  We're going to be writing them next week and the best ones get entered into the eisteddfod.  There's 30 house points to be won for the best story in Year 1!
  • We sketched Castell Coch in our sketch books (Miss Medhurst was very, very impressed and showed our work to all the other teachers).  We also painted a background for our Castles, then washed our sketch with a very pale red paint and stuck it on the background.   Next week, we're  putting the final touches to our paintings so that they can be entered into the eisteddfod too.
  • In Maths, we've played a number detective game.  A lot of us found it quite difficult.  Miss Medhurst thought of a number but didn't tell us what it was.  She started by telling us it was greater than one number, but less than another.  We had to write the possibilitites down on our whiteboards.  She carried on giving us clues, eg it's an odd number, it's bond is 7, it's a single digit number.  We crossed out the ones it couldn't be and then we'd be left with the one that she was thinking of!  We're going to do a lot more of this, as we need to use thinking skills as well as our number knowledge.
  • Miss Medhurst was very pleased with our Early Morning Activity literacy work...take a look at our gallery to see all the fantastic reasons we thought of as to why the dragon looked so scared when he entered the castle.
  • That's all for this week!



Friday 30th January

This week eve and Aimee from 4L are working with some of 1M to do the blog...

  • We have written our own stories - Rapunzel, the sequel.  Miss Medhurst said our stories were amazing - we wrote about 4 or 5 pages!
  • We have been making swords and shields for our castle topic - look at the video on the front page - they were awesome!.
  • We even had a fancing lesson using our swords and shields - although because they were cardboard, a few of them broke!
  • In music we continued making up lyrics for the hairy scary castle...we've got our final song now and want to perform it for you on our open afternoon.

Eve and Aimee from year 4 are working with Brandon and Nia from year 1 to do this weeks blog...

  • We have been learning to count in steps of  2 , 5 , and 10  - all the way to 100, forwards and backwards.
  • We did the months and days of the week in Welsh.
  • We made sure we could all write our alphabet in small letters and capital letters....
  • We  made up a story about a picture of a cat and dog, making sure we used capital letters and full stops.
  • We started our Castle topic and wrote lists (they go down the page) about what we might see in a castle ready to make things for our Castle enhanced activity area.
  • We played parachute games in the hall - we had to learn all the rules of parachute games first, then we made a mushroom and all sat inside the parachute like a tent singing the months of the year song!
  • We learnt the song 'In the hairy, scary castle' and then we made up our own words for more verses to the song!
  • We had to draw our self and describe ourselves and how we were feeling in Welsh with our table partners.


  • Thank you 1M for a brilliant week!

Writing the blog this week are Aimee and Lily from Year 4 and Brandon and Amelie from Year 1

  • We've been making sure we form our letters and numbers from the top
  • We've been sorting shapes like triangles and squares circles and rectangles.
  • We've started our guided reading carousel.
  • We've been doing early morning activites to wake up our brains
  • ordering our life cycle and thinking how we have grown.
  • we also did sums like 1+1-2 2+2-4.
  • We did sums in the dinner regester and we went up to 20.
  • we got a number out the box and said the number before and after it.
  • in are book we did a picture of a person.
  • last week and this week we went on the ipads and played maths and literacy games.
  • we did a story.

This week Aimee and Amy are working with George and Lucy on our blog...

  • today we have been sorting shapes in to familIEs
  • we have been writing words that start with the CH sound.
  • we have made and coloured cakes and monsters.
  • we been doing cups and saucers for P.E
  • we have learnt in Welsh Faint ydy dy oed di?
  • on Thursday afternoon we did the FUN RUN!

This week Aimee and Eve are working with Millie and Alfie on our blog.

  • We did a poem about a fly and drew a picture and sent it to cbbc.
  • Every morning we did an activity.E.g why was the monster angry?because it did not have a family.
  • In PD we did gymnastics. We did the cups and saucers and log roll...We also played pirates in Welsh. 
  • in maths we learnt how to do big numbers so that we could answer in assembly in Welsh.
  • When we learn a sound we put it on are tree on the wall.E.g the sound OO.

This week Jessica and Aimee are working with Hannah and James to do are class blog.

  • We learnt all about Ella Fitzgerald for our Black History Week. We learnt how to write Scat lyrics using our phonic sounds and we learnt to sing them too.
  • We learnt A tisket a tasket - a song that Ella Fitzgerald sang.
  • We also learnt a song that Miss Medhrust wrote to remind us of the facts about Ella Fitzgerald - like that she was born in Newport News and that she died in 1996 and sang to millions of people.
  • In literacy we wrote down all the facts that we could remember using sentences with capital letters and full stops.
  • In maths we wrote down what ten more than any number was E.g 10 more than 20=30.  We used a hundred square to help us.
  • We also did circle time to think about how it feels when people don't like us just because we're different.

this week eve and Aimee are working with Isabelle and Nia to do are class blog.

  • we learnt are number bonds to 10 it was called ping pong.E.g 1+9=10
  • We made our own ending to not now berned.
  • We also made jazz instruments out of carboard plastic cups and tins and string.
  • we also learnt welsh we learnt were wer live in welsh.
  • we did are spelling test.
  • this morning we made a list of questions that you would like to ask a dinosaur.
  • We have been looking at the world in a atlas

What a busy week in year 1M!!!

This week Aimee and Eve are working with Oliver,Harry and Lily to do the class blog.

  • we did are number bonds to 10 and 20 - we used our reasoning skills to work out word problems.  We were reallly good at this.
  • we also counted in steps of 2, 5 and 10.  We did a rap to help us learn these.
  • we said what we did like about Autumn.  We like jumping in the leaves and kicking the leaves.  We also like picking apples and blackberries.  We really like collecting and playing conkers.
  • We've done lots of Welsh - answering questions about the colour of our hair and the colour of our eyes.
  • In pe we really enjoyed playing the pirate game, the beans game and a Welsh game where we had to listen very carefully to the words so that we didn't get caught in the river!
  • We read the book 'The big bag of worries' then we talked about our worries and who we could share them with to get rid of them.  We decided we could tell grown-ups, teachers and our mums, dads, grampy or granny.