Topics and Curriculum 2016-17

Welcome to Class 3S

This is what we will be learning this term:-




This term we will be using the books 'The Tin Forest' and  'The Jorney Home'  to develop the skills of descriptive writing-  using similes and adjectives and 'wow words'. Pupils will also learn to write diaries and reports, understanding the features in each and using the books as a stimuli. We will be writing poetry using these texts too. Pupils will also be consolidating basic skills of punctuation, handwriting and spelling.

Year 3  2016/17

Term 1

Class 3S


Our World

Our Future


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Topics this term include place value, the four operations, money and area. There will be a strong focus on basic skills, including number bonds, doubling and halving and times tables. Pupils will also learn to draw tables, pictograms and bar charts and they will interpret them. Pupils will consolidate their knowledge of 2d shape and they will learn to measure to the nearest centimetre accurately. These skills will be used across other subjects.


Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Your child will apply the skills they learn in English and Mathematics lessons to our topic. In this way your child will be practising the skills they have learned and this will reinforce their learning. Later this term, pupils will role play in the local coffee shop, the architects office and the post office, where they will get the opportunity to use their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. They will also be set challenges such as writing letters and diaries- these will be completed independently and will consolidate their Literacy skills.



This term, we will be developing our geographical skills- using ICT wherever possible to find out more about where we live and where it is in relation to other countries of the World. We will find out about local landmarks and we will find out about the services in the local area and the jobs and views of people living there.















The focus this term will be Games and Gymnastics. Please ensure PE kits are in school all week. For this term it is our plan to teach games sessions outside, so please make sure your child has suitable outdoor sports kit. P.E. kit should consist of black shorts and a white tee- shirt. Please could you send a note in if your child is unable to participate.


In Science we will be exploring sustainability, we will visit Wastesavers and we will learn more about looking after our World. We will use our Numeracy skills to draw tables and graphs. Pupils will make paper and discover how long our rubbish takes to

disintegrate ! Pupils will be able to apply the skills of drawing graphs and interpreting them.


Design Technology

Later in the term, pupils will explore the many types of photo frames and they will design and make a frame of their own ! Pupils will be able to apply their measuring skills in the making of the frames.


RE /Music/I.T.

 Pupils will learn simple coding; they will be able to give and follow instructions. Pupils will use our Bee Bots and iPads for this.

Pupils will explore religious festivals and the reasons for them. In Music later this term, pupils will explore the types of sounds and make simple group compositions using these.


Year Two skills will be consolidated. Pupils will focus on Oracy and Writing skills, learning to give opinions with reasons and learning to describe themselves. Pupils will get the opportunity to develop their Oracy skills later in the term in the role play areas.


We will explore the topics of 'Our happy school' and 'New beginnings'.

This will be supported during circle times and key stage assemblies.


Pupils will develop their appreciation of sculptures and statues. They will select a spot in the school grounds for a statue and they will design it. Pupils will then make a small version of their statue and evaluate it. Shoe boxes will be needed for this so if you have any, please send them in !


Support at home

To ease your child's transition into Y4, please continue to support them to read daily, practise spellings and learn number bonds/multiplication tables.