Topic Page and Additional Work

Summer Term

For the first half of the summer term our topic is Rainforests, and in Science we are looking at Water World as a topic.

Click here for our class Padlet on Rainforests.

Spring Term

Our topic this term is Earthquakes and Volcanoes.


We will be finding out about how the earth is formed, what a volcanic island is, how earthquakes and volcanoes occur and how they affect places and people. We will be using maps at a variety of scales to locate the earth's fault-lines and volcanoes. We will also be finding out about international organisations that work after natural disasters. In art and DT we will be looking at ways to express our own understanding of the earth's activity by choosing materials and techniques that are appropriate for conveying images of volcanic eruptions. We will also be having a go at creating our own volcanoes! 

There will be a new padlet coming soon so that the children can carry out research at home and share with the rest of the class.

Click here to visit our Vocanoes and Earthquakes padlet.

Autumn Term

Our topic this term is Adventurers and Explorers.

We are more than happy for the children to carry out  research on this topic at home and bring in any information or work they have done to share with the rest of the class. We will be finding out about explorers and adventurers from the past, looking at different views about explorations and finding out about an ancient Egyptian journey of exploration. 

We will also be looking at maps and finding out  how to locate routes and places on maps, how to compare old and recent maps and how to use different projections.

In art, we'll be finding out about the works of explorer Margaret Mee, Georgia O'Keefe
and the comic-strip work of Roy Lichtenstein.

In music we will be learning about music used for films about space adventure and finding out how to improvise our own space adventure music.

We'll also be finding out how to use ICT to research, organise and record our work, and how exploration can be an international venture.

Click here for Padlet wall Planets Research

Click here for Padlet wall adventurers and explorers