Star of the Week


Who will be the first Star of the Week?

Big Congratulations to Lucy Grime!  What a fantastic attitude you have to learning and behaviour.  We're really proud to have you in 1M!


Well Done Finlay Livingstone - you've made a big effort to hold your pencil properly and now you're writing is getting better and better.  We love your never give up attitude!


Harry Drayton - You're another 1M star.  You've impressed everybody with your magnificent maths work.  Keep up the good work Harry!


We've had weeks of amazing literacy work from our next star Millie Yau - we were particularly impressed with your poetry writing and the way you form your letters and present your work so beautifully makes us smile everyday!

Wow James Hartless - you were amazing at writing Scat Lyrics - I think you might make a very good jazz singer one day.  You also produced a great piece of writing about Ella Fitzgerald.  Well Done!


Llongyfarchiadau George Edwards - you've worked really hard to learn all your phonic sounds.  The writing you're completing now is truly amazing.  What a fantastic achievement!

This week's star of the week is Tom Wilson.  You've demonstrated some remarkable reasoning skills in our Maths sessions and you've used those same reasoning skills in other areas too.  We really are very proud of you!

Da iawn Daniel Lloyd!  You've worked really hard since September and now you can do your writing all by yourself.  You really are an independent learner!

For giving 100% every time in class singing practice, Henley Miles, you really deserve to be Star of the Week.  You always learn new words very quickly because you join in  so enthusiastically.  We love enthusiasm in 1M!

Amelie Senior - you became our Star of the Week for being an 'all round SuperStar'.  I don't know how we'd manage without you in our class -  I always know I can rely on you to carry out any task sensibly and thoroughly.  Not only that - your literacy, maths and topic work is outstanding too!

Shruthi Kumar - you're beginning to work independently now.  What a great achievement.  You really deserve to be our Star of the Week.

Well done Finley Sheady - you're our star of the week because you've been putting in 100% effort into all areas of work this week.  Your literacy work is improving fantastically!

Our star of the week this week is Gabrielle Hodder who's made a very big effort to remember her finger spaces all this week.  You're work is looking great now and it was a pleasure to read your story plan!

For an amazing sequel to Rapunzel the star of the week this week is Hannah Pickering.  Hannah followed her story plan to tell us what happened to Rapunzel, the Prince and the Witch after they found each other in the forest.  Great work!

Wow Nia Wakley,you're enthusiasm and positive attitude towards learning is wonderful.  You always give 100% whatever you're doing and in every area of learning. 

Well done Alfie Lock - You've been working extremely hard on the presentation of your work and I'm really pleased with the results.  I can see that all your letters are being formed from the top and that your ascenders and descenders are sitting correctly on, above and below the lines - no more flying in the air and rubbing out!!  Keep up the good work Alfie!

What a fantastic dragon story you wrote Isabelle Parsons!  It was full of excitement and wonderful describing language.  I hope you'll read it out to the rest of the class so that everyone can enjoy it.  Da iawn ti!

Well done Lily Eaton for being our star of the week.  You've been demonstrating how fantastic your spoken and written Welsh is.  I can't believe that you  answer all those questions about yourself, and ask a friend all about themselves too.  Gwaith Bendigedig!

Faith Williams, you wrote the most  amazing independent story about a Giant.  I love the way you sounded out all your words carefully using your froggy fingers and that you tried really hard to remember all your capital letters and full stops.  Well done you!

For perseverence Gethin Edwards, you really deserve to be this week's Star of the Week.  Although you needed to change the size of your writing and make sure your ascenders and descenders were sitting properly on the line, you didn't give up until you got it right!  We love that in 1M.

Harry Sanders,during our Knowledge Harvest you contributed some very interesting animal facts - well done!  You also wrote very thoughtful and well constructed questions that we'll be using to inform our Animals topic this term.  You deserved to be Star of the Week!

This week's Star of the Week is Jacob Foster.  We've been writing lists, instructions, questions, prescriptions  and even a Wanted poster during the past week, and your work has really impressed us!  Da iawn ti Jacob!

Well done to Lily,  Hannah, Faith, Isabelle, Lucy and Zayaan (who sadly  was unwell on the day of the photo).  They've all completed their weather project - da iawn i chi!



Well done Braydon Wagg, who's our star of the week for settling into school so well and making so many friends in 1M in your first week here.  It's lovely for us to have you as part of our class.


Tyler Cross, you're a star this week because of your fantastic behaviour.  You've shown great consideration for people, looking after them when they've been feeling down and trying hard to keep all our rules.  Da iawn.


Vilte Malazinskaite has joined us in 1M as well and has been a delight to have in class.  You're our Star of the Week for having an amazing first week, coming into school everyday with a smile on your face and giving 100% effort in all your tasks.

Well done Finlay Livingstone, for getting Star of the Week again.  The progress you've made this year has been fantastic, but it's for your wonderful performing skills that you've received the award this week.  The West End needs you Fin!