Each week Year 2 will be given a list of words to aid them with their writing.  These will be given on a Friday, a lesson based on the spelling pattern will be taught on the following week and the children will be tested on the following Friday.  We will give the children different strategies  to help them learn these spellings, and hope that you will be able to help them at home too!  The more often they can practice, the easier it will be.

Most of the spelling words are regular.  These can be spelt by listening for the sounds and writing the letter(s) for them.  Others however will be irregular or tricky and have to be learnt by heart.  Once your child knows all the names of the letters in the alphabet  he/she can learn these harder words by saying hte name of the letters in them eg for 'the', your child should say 'tee aitch ee' several times each day until the word is learnt.

Below is a link to the 45 high frequency words that children should be able to read and spell by the end of Reception and also a link to high frequency words that they will learn during their time in Years 1 and 2.    If you'd like to help your child with their written work, why not print and cut these out, and play a game such as pairs, hide them for a word hunt, or see how many of the words can be written correctly in a certain time limit?    


Spellings to be tested Friday 9th July

Spelling pattern - oer

1. swung

2. spring

3. more

4. wore

5. store

6. snore

7. before

8. seashore

9. English

10. language