Following action research by our Literacy Team, we have made some changes to the way in which we are teaching Spelling and Grammar at Mount Pleasant Primary School.

We have extended the Jolly Phonics Scheme used in the Foundation Phase through to Key Stage 2. The scheme supports the learning of sounds and rules in order to develop confidence and enjoyment in spelling and the application of skills across the curriculum. The scheme is multisensory, active and progresses at a challenging pace. It places emphasis on consolidating the children’s learning and helping them to apply their skills. At Mount Pleasant Primary School, we strive to incorporate spelling, grammar and handwriting into every lesson ensuring standards are maintained across the curriculum. Through taking the Jolly Phonics approach across the whole school consistency, progression and challenge will be strengthened. The Nessy Spelling scheme will still be used to consolidate learning for pupils who require additional support.

Relevant homework will continue but will not take the form of traditional spelling lists. Mount Pleasant will not be completing traditional style spelling tests. Spelling will be assessed in work not only in literacy but across the curriculum.

The weekly spelling patterns will be posted on our Classroom Dojo story alongside three dictation sentences if you wish to support your child at home with their learning. 

We will use the SWST assessment tool kit twice a year to complete a diagnostic assessment for each pupil. Any misconceptions can be targeted and retaught.